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Tucker--Update! - 02/13/06 06:13 PM

My male, Tucker, has something wrong, I think. His tummy looks swollen. If you look at his tummy, it looks like a female with joeys in pouch. He isn't acting sick or anything. He is eating, drinking and pooing like normal. He has a vet appointment tomorrow morning. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should have the vet look for?
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Re: Tucker - 02/13/06 06:27 PM

sure its a male? LOL just kidding
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Re: Tucker - 02/13/06 06:30 PM

Has he been neutered recently??
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Re: Tucker - 02/13/06 06:33 PM

My first thought is that if he has been neutered recently like the last 6 months or so, that may have something to do with putting on some weight not sure ???
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Re: Tucker - 02/13/06 06:59 PM

Have you feed him any gassie food? Change in diet? Also how old is Tucker?
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Re: Tucker - 02/13/06 08:14 PM

Tucker is an intact male, 3 years old right now. His diet hasn't changed, and it isn't fat, he doesn't have the "boobies" that fat gliders get, it is only his tummy area.
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Re: Tucker - 02/13/06 08:15 PM

Could he be constipated?
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Re: Tucker - 02/13/06 08:16 PM

n'mind..just reread...saw he's pooping okay. hmmm...
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Re: Tucker - 02/13/06 08:37 PM

shawna let me know what the vet says... we asked anita and sheila and they said maybe tumors or something else... I cant remember exactly...
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Re: Tucker - 02/13/06 08:58 PM

The other thing they said was check for obstruction - but if he's pooing ok not sure that would be the problem. They asked if he was drinking alot of water?
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Re: Tucker - 02/13/06 10:29 PM

Yes, someone in that cage drinks a lot. What does that mean? I talked to Ellen, and she said he could still have an obstruction, and poo, if the poo is soft enough to go around it. I will take him out in a bit and see if he poo's on me and what it looks like. I am hoping it's an obstruction, that is fixable.
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Re: Tucker - 02/13/06 11:06 PM

I think it was Judie talking about an obstruction and the glider drinking a lot of water. She said it was fine other than the excessive amounts of water it drank and that was how they found out something was wrong - not sure if it had the bloated/weight problems though. Keep us posted!!
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Re: Tucker - 02/14/06 01:58 AM

As soon as I know something, I will. Thanks!
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Re: Tucker - 02/14/06 05:51 AM

Okay, I layed down on the floor tonight, and never saw him poop. He pee'd though. I'll let you guys know what the vet says.
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Re: Tucker - 02/14/06 08:00 PM

shawna youre killing me, I need updates... I need to give you my number for when things like this happen so you can tell me asap...
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Re: Tucker - 02/14/06 08:07 PM

updates updates???
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Re: Tucker - 02/14/06 11:18 PM

[:"green"]Shawna has been at the vet's most of the day today with Tucker. She called me about an hour ago and was finally on her way home. She said that Tucker had an abscess that the vet drained. I know she will be posting soon with more detailed information. Tucker is doing fine but still groggy from the anesthesia <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/sleep.gif" alt="" />.
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Re: Tucker - 02/15/06 12:03 AM

Thanks Suz! Yes, all day at the vet. Over 5 hours of it anyway!
The vet felt his abdomen and said it felt like fluid. Tuck's urine is dark colored, but mostly water. He is pooing just fine, we had plenty of samples <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
So, we knocked the poor guy out. He tried to get blood through the superior vena cava, and wasn't able to get any. He sub q-ed some fluids, because Tuck is dehydrated. He then did a needle biopsy, and pulled over 2 cc's of fluid from an abcess in his abdomen.
Anyway, we are on TMPS for 30 days, and will re-evaluate at that time. Under the microscope the vet found some abnormal liver cells, and they are going to be looking at that some more. It could just be that the size of that abcess pressing on the organs caused some damage, but it could mean something more. He is jaundiced. I have to push fluids for Tuck, from 6 to 8 cc's a day to up to 1/2 ounce.
Right now Tuck is back with his harem, and sleeping. I am betting he feels a lot better without all that fluid in his tummy. We go back in 30 days for a re-evaluation to see whats going on.
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Re: Tucker - 02/15/06 03:05 AM

Give that little guy a snuggle for me <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/hug2.gif" alt="" />
& Thanks for the update <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Tucker - 02/15/06 03:06 AM

They shaved his little belly <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Tucker - 02/15/06 03:09 AM

[:"green"]Yeah, they shaved Pika's chest and her right arm when they were getting the blood sample <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crying.gif" alt="" />... It really makes her look pathetic to have a shaved arm, shaved tail & shaved chest...
It's worth the shaving though to have the glider get better!
Posted By: Laci

Re: Tucker - 02/15/06 04:18 AM

omg poor tucker... I really did think he was a girl at first glimpse... Im glad he got it emptied out, keep me updated on him.
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Re: Tucker - 02/15/06 06:33 AM

Keep a good eye on him.And any change ,back to the vet.
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Re: Tucker - 02/15/06 07:29 AM

You mentioned an abscess was drained. That would imply infection and pus. If so, I hope it was cultured. You also mentioned fluid removed, and liver cells seen under a microscope which sounds more like ascites fluid. That would fit with liver ailments and jaundice. It is difficult to tell from your post. Hepatitis and cirrhosis can present this way - large belly, ascites fluid, jaundice, not otherwise toxic or sick looking/acting. I hope you find good news. Keep us updated.
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Re: Tucker - 02/15/06 12:11 PM

The glider (neutered male) I mentioned about drinking a lot of water (8 oz within a two day period)... only urinated and had no stool. The urine was dark and with a horrible odor. Abdomen swelled excessively within a two day period. He was able to eat and did not show any other signs of being ill.

An ultra sound was done... and results showed that the bile ducts to the liver were completely blocked and the liver below the ducts appeared to be involved. I had the little one put to sleep before he woke up to prevent further suffering. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

Sending Get Well Wishes.
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Re: Tucker - 02/15/06 08:31 PM

Schlep, the vet did tell me there could be several things going on, we aren't out of the woods yet. However, with the abcess being as large as it was, and in the middle of his abdomen, it did press against all of his organs, and there is the POSSIBILITY that it caused things to act abnormally. We will be checking him again in 30 days to see what is what at that time. I am hoping that the abcess caused these problems, and not the other way around.
On a cool note, they clipped his nails while he was asleep yesterday <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> How thoughtful is that?
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Re: Tucker - 02/16/06 05:30 AM

Hey Shawna~

Sorry to hear that little Tucker wasn't fairing so well. I do hope that he makes a full recovery.
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Re: Tucker - 02/19/06 09:52 PM

Just a quickie update. Allie passed Friday, you know that. There is a third glider in their cage, Reese. She is going to the vet Monday, to get a check up to see if she has any problems that we can't see yet. Maybe we can catch it early with her, and keep her healthy.
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Tucker follow up - 02/21/06 08:39 PM

We had a vet appointment today, a check-up for Reese, to see if there are any problems with her, a follow up for Tucker, and the Necropsy for Allison.
Reese is just fine. No organ abnormalities found at all.
Tucker is doing well. They pulled another 3 cc's of fluid out of that abcess in his abdomen. His liver is still enlarged. He did gain 5 grams, though! We will be doing more follow up's with him.
No news yet on Allie. They are going to culture and type the bacteria in her system, so that they can give Tucker the correct antibiotic.
So far we are at $1200 in vet bills for this, and it's not done yet. That is just an FYI for you guys who've never done an emergency. It gets very expensive, very quickly.
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Re: Tucker follow up - 02/21/06 09:39 PM

Shawna, sending prayers that you get answers from Allie, that Tucker recovers full health, and that Reese stays healthy. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/heartpump.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Tucker follow up - 02/22/06 12:45 PM

Thanks for the update. It's good to hear that Tucker has gained weight & that Reese is healthy! I'll continue to pray that they figure out what's going on soon so that you can get Tucker back to full health quickly.
<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/hug2.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Tucker follow up - 02/22/06 10:13 PM

I heard from the vet today. Allie had a lot of fluid in her lungs. Her liver was grossly enlarged and had compressed her lungs. Between the two, she just couldn't breathe. Her tissues and some fluids are being sent off for a histopath. I won't hear about that for a little while.
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Re: Tucker follow up - 02/23/06 05:37 AM

Oh Shawna...I'm so sorry to hear all that you've gone through. These sweet little angels sure can get expensive...and they also know how to give us heart attacks! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your gliders during this difficult time.
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