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Petunia - 06/12/07 12:08 AM

I just thought I would let everyone know how Petunia is doing. I didn't want to go into too many details until I knew exactly what was going on.

Last week I discovered a tiny wound behind Petunia's ear. I don't know what happened but it was just a tiny tear. So I treated it with antibiotic ointment and asked the vet what I should do. Dr. Sue told me to just keep applying the antibiotic and to call her in a few days and let her know how it was looking. When I checked Petunia on Fri night the wound looked swollen and like it may be infected. Once again I called Dr. Sue and she told me to start administering clavamox to fight the infection and call her on Monday if it didn't get any better. Last night while I was cleaning the wound, some of the dead skin came off and it turned into about a quarter sized open wound. I cleaned it the best I could and got Petunia to the vet as soon as I could today. Dr. Sue informed that it was an absess that had burst open and that it looked like most of the infection had drained out already. She doesn't want to cut the absess out or try to stitch the wound until we know all the infection is out and the absess goes down. Until her next checkup (5-7 days) she will be administered clavamox and antibotic ointment will be placed on the wound. I even had my vet call Dr. Tristan to make sure this is what we should do. I would post pics but it looks HORRID. That is why I was so scared last night.
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Re: Petunia - 06/12/07 12:11 AM

hug2 Hopefully all this will be over soon and she'll make a speedy recovery! She's in my prayers
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Re: Petunia - 06/12/07 12:13 AM

OMG - please keep us updated - I hope everything gets better...
Posted By: LSardou

Re: Petunia - 06/12/07 12:16 AM

hug2 Petunia is in my prayers! It sounds like you have had a good eye on it from the beginning which is probably why it looks as good as it does. Good Job and please keep your spirits up, shes gonna be ok! heart
Posted By: Srlb

Re: Petunia - 06/12/07 12:48 AM

Lynsie, thanks for posting. Ive been waiting for some word since I talked to you on the phone.

I hope that Dr. T was able to help Dr.Sue out in some way, but really, it sounds like she already knew what to do which has to make you feel good.

Keep us posted and keep a close close eye on Miss Petunia. Tell her she has gotten enough attention now and that she can stop this mess!! grin
Posted By: Lynsie

Re: Petunia - 06/12/07 12:56 AM

LOL, I agree!

Well I know a few people have suggested the Batril with Tricide solution for open wounds but Dr. Sue had never heard of it before. I just wanted to get a second opinion before just using Triple Antibiotic. But I am glad that Dr. Sue knew what she was talking about it the first place, it's a releif.
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Re: Petunia - 06/12/07 03:05 AM

awwww i hope it clears up soon! keep me posted.... even tho i know you will, lol
Posted By: Lynsie

Re: Petunia - 06/14/07 04:15 AM

I just wanted to let everyone know that Petunia is doing good. There have been no more signs of infection, the absess looks like it may be going down a bit, and it is starting to heal some.
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Re: Petunia - 06/14/07 04:20 AM

smile Good news!
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Re: Petunia - 06/14/07 04:38 AM

clap Thanks for the update Lynsie.
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Re: Petunia - 06/14/07 01:01 PM

I've delt with a couple abscesses. While horrid to look at, generally they aren't that serious. And despite how horrible it might seem, the best thing to do is let them take their course (bursting, oozing, and healing). Just so you are aware though... Gliders that get abscesses usually get them again. I don't know if it's a genetic thing or what, but I've had 2 gliders with them and they both have had multiple abscesses.
Posted By: Lynsie

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/18/07 09:50 PM

Just back from the vet to Petunia's re-check and to get an exam on KaiRina. Dr. Sue said that Petunia's wound looks awesome! New tissue is growing in and there are no signs of infection, so we are just going to let it heal on it's own. I discontinued the clavamox last night because it had been 10 days and Petunia was getting diarrhea from it, so hopefully that will be gone in a day or two. Petunia is down from 205 to 195, which is good, she needed to loose weight.

Dr. Sue did the C & S on KaiRina and it came back clear. She had to break the scab to get a good swab and when she did she could see that there were no signs of infection. She said it looked really good and will probably heal over within the next few days and that she did not need any antibiotics unless signs of infection occur.

So, so far so good. We still don't know exactly why this happend though. The only thing I can think of is that Carmela caused these wounds. Once the wounds are healed I think I may try to introduce these two to my other 2 non-breeders. They are younger and have more patience to deal with these two, I think.

If anyone is still doubtful of me, Dr. Sue said she would accept calls to verify that my gliders have been to the vet and anything else you would like to know. She has also been to my house and knows the living conditions of my gliders. If you would like her number you can PM me.
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Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/18/07 09:56 PM

BTW: I will try to get new pics tonight when I get home if I'm not too tired. Right now I gotta get ready to go work on my house AGAIN *blah*
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Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/18/07 10:56 PM

I'm glad to hear they are both doing well. Still strange how it happened. That's gliders for you...always getting into some sort of trouble.
Posted By: Lynsie

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 12:51 AM

Okay guys, I am going to post the new pics of thier wounds from a few minutes ago.

Petunia's wound 'looks' very bad, but actually it is 1000 times better than it was last week. All the swelling has went down, all the infection is gone, and all that red you see if the new tissue coming in. Dr. Sue said that the red tissue that bleeds easily is 'very good'. All the skin around the wound is pink and healthy also. So please prepare yourself, these pics may be a little alarming. I guess I should have taken pics of it last week so I could show you guys how much better is actually does look. Remember, I just got home from the vet a few hours ago, so please don't tell me to run to the vet, Petunia is fine. Ready??? Are you positive that you are ready???. . . .Okay then, you guys asked for it. . . .

And here are the new pics of KaiRina's wound. You can see that it's already starting to heal and looks really good for just happening 3 days ago.
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Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 01:12 AM

Don't worry both of my cats had the same thing once and they both turned out fine it probably also helped that you noticed early on.
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Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 01:14 AM

That's pretty nasty lol.
Posted By: LSardou

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 01:20 AM

clap I'm so happy to hear that she is healing and that things are going to be alright. Thanks for the update, and I will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers. heart
Posted By: Lynsie

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 01:21 AM

I told you it was nasty! It was even worse last week, that's why I couldn't bare to take a pic of it. That is always why I freaked and thought I was going to have a giant vet bill. But it turned out not as bad as I thought, it just 'looks' really bad.
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Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 03:05 AM

Im so glad they are doing better.

KaiRina is adorable. I love her little tuff of hair. What kind of glider is she?? She is just so cute!!! And yes her wound looks so much better than the first picture.

Now Petuna's is....still yucky.... first word that comes to mind,lol. It always shocks me that gliders can do this to themselves (not that she did) but you see pic's of this and it just looks so painful.

They are so lucky to have such a great mom.
Posted By: Lynsie

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 03:09 AM


Kairina is a Black Beauty and Petunia is a 4th gen WF but both are not breeders.

It's going to be a long healing process for Petunia but I am positive she will recover fine.
Posted By: glidrz5

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 12:55 PM

Lynsie, I'm glad that they are both doing better now. However I do have a question for you. You said that
Dr. Sue did the C & S on KaiRina and it came back clear.

Do you mean that it just looked like there was no sign of bacteria or infection? Because every time that I've had a culture made it has taken several days to a week to get the results back due to the fact that the culture needs to grow in a petri dish before it can be determined if any bacteria is present or what kind it is. Then for the sensitivity it would take even longer because the bacteria would then need tested to see what antibiotics it was most sensitive to.
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Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 02:05 PM

Oh yeah, you know, I thought that was true too. Cultures have to grow before you can tell anything. I know its like that with people too. I do hope they both get better soon.
Posted By: Lynsie

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 03:31 PM

I don't know, she called me back a few hours later and said that it was clear, maybe she did something different. But I know that the wounds are healing fine, there are no signs of infection, and my gliders are acting fine and healthy.
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Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 04:15 PM

So, did you ever find out what it WAS? Also, if she didn't do the standard C & S, I would ask what she did differently and if it's a good alternative to doing the full C &'s just odd that it came back so quickly. If they were mine, I would want to know what she tested for exactly and how was she able to get results so quickly.

I'm very glad to hear they're both feeling better though!
Posted By: Xfilefan

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 05:15 PM

Dr. Sue did the C & S on KaiRina and it came back clear. She had to break the scab to get a good swab and when she did she could see that there were no signs of infection.

That is not a C&S. A C&S cannot be done in a few hours. It was a microscopic exam of the wound fluid.

A Culture and Sensitivity cannot be done in less than 5-7 days, depending on the organism. Per the definition in Mosby's Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health Dictionary, Sixth Edition, 2002 publishing date:

Culture: (in microbiology) is a laboratory test involving the cultivation (or growing) of microscopic organisms or cells in a special growth medium (the gel stuff in the petri dish)

Culture & Sensitivity, or Culture procedure: (in bacteriology) any of several techniques for growing colonies of microorganisms to identify a pathogen and determine it's sensitivity to various antibiotics. Usually a specimen is secured using sterile techniques and a small amount is placed into or on one or more culture media, because different organisms are nourished by different nutrients, and grow best at different specific pH levels. The environment in which the media are held during observation is maintained at body temperature, and the ambient oxygen level is adjusted to acheive either an aerobic, or anerobic state. All procedures are aseptic, and all equipment is sterile to prevent accidental contamination of the sample. As colonies appear in or on the media, small amounts of each (there are often several) are spread onto other media to allow examination of a pure specimen of the microorganisms.

The sensitivity test is the laboratory method for testing the effectiveness of antibiotics. It is usually done on organisms known to be potentially resistant to antibiotic therapy in vitro. A report of a "resistant" finding means the antibiotic is not effective in inhibiting the growth of a pathogen, whereas use of an effective antibiotic results in a "sensitive" report.

After the infecting organism has been cultured, it is tested against several antibiotic drugs, often in two groups, gram-positive, and gram-negative.

So while your vet did look at it under a microscope, a C&S was not done. It's an involved procedure, and many don't understand what the difference is between simply looking at a sample, and culturing it. There is no shorter way to do a C&S.

I'm happy your little ones seem to be on the road to recovery, and hope for updates as they heal.
Posted By: Srlb

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 09:07 PM

Lynsie, so glad to hear that everything is going good for both of them. Looks like it is indeed time to seperate huh? And you are right, often times wounds DO indeed look a lot worse then it actually is. Keep up the good work with them and keeping those things clean and they will be healed up in no time. thumb
Posted By: Lynsie

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/19/07 09:48 PM

No matter what Dr. Sue did she assures me that both of the gliders are perectly healthy and I have complete trust in her.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/20/07 05:00 PM

hug2 Yayyy, i am so happy that your babies are doing better. I must confess that that picture of petunia did take my breath away... i didnt even expect it to look that bad..... I can't even imagine how bad it was before....

But i am happy theya re doing well... please update us on your baby.
Posted By: Karin

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/20/07 05:20 PM

I am so glad for you Lynsie...things definately went in your favor this time thumb.

These posts still break my heart though....I so wish Tira had made it cry.

Posted By: Lynsie

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/20/07 08:56 PM

Thanks guys. Karin, I'm so sorry that Tira didn't make it. Was there some underlying cause that caused her death or was it just from the infection in the wound?

Just checked both of the girls and they are looking great. Petunia's wound is gradually getting smaller and Kairina's is scabbed over and healing. I will take more pics again in a few days.
Posted By: Lynsie

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/23/07 01:41 AM

I am very pleased to say that the girls wounds are looking awesome!

Petunia's is about half the size that is was and is healing really well. Here are some new pics of it. I had just cleaned off the scab to allow the new tissue to continue to grow in, that is why is still looks fresh like that. And her fur is still all icky from me putting too much ointment on her, oops.

And here is Miss KaiRina, looking terrific! I beleive she will have a full recovery very soon.
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Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/23/07 01:43 AM

Lookin' good Lynsie!
Posted By: Lynsie

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/25/07 04:55 AM

I'm so happy!! Petunia's wound is looking so great. It has a nice scab in it this time that I think I am going to just let heal and it's down to about the size of a dime. I am so releived that she is revcovering so well.

But now my dilemma is where to put these two once they are healed. I am scared to put them back with Daddy & Mela. I might try to introduce them to Kair & Neiko but I know there is a possibility that won't work out either. If all else fails I will set up a new cag for them. . .
Posted By: SugarBlossoms

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 06/25/07 05:48 AM

If they can be together, I personally would do that. That way, you won't have to worry about anything like that happening again. (hopefully) Of course, it can happen no matter what. Good Luck! They are looking good!
Posted By: Lynsie

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 07/01/07 08:17 PM

LOOKY LOOKY!! They look AMAZING!!! Kairina's is completely healed and the fur is growing back and Petunia's is almost completely healed!!


Posted By: BeckiT

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 07/01/07 08:21 PM

they look great Lynsie!
Posted By: StitchsMom

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 07/01/07 10:31 PM

Wonderful news! They look terrific!
Posted By: Srlb

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 07/02/07 12:19 AM

Lynsie, WONDERFUL job with these two. This shows that you spent the proper time applying the meds you were supposed to and giving the proper treatment. Good for you Lynsie. Your two gliders look good and very loved. thumb
Posted By: sugarlope

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 07/02/07 01:33 AM

I'm so glad they are doing so well! Peggy said it well, you took fantastic care of them.
Posted By: glidergrl1513

Re: Petunia & KaiRina - 07/02/07 01:13 PM

Great job with them Lynsie, they look really good!
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