Suffocate in pouch?????

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Suffocate in pouch????? - 05/23/07 08:03 PM

This might seem like such a crazy question or dumb!!! lol

But am i the only one that is afraid of zipping up a glider in bonding pouch, for fear that it will suffocate?????

How are they able to breath so perfectly all tucked in their thick pouches?????

I feel Dumb need_hug

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Re: Suffocate in pouch????? - 05/23/07 08:08 PM

fleece has alot of little holes to let air thru (also keeps tiny claws from getting tangled). this might sound weird but but the fleece over your mouth. if you can breath thru it then your glider can too

flannal does the same
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Re: Suffocate in pouch????? - 05/23/07 08:11 PM

I have wondered the same thing... I don't own a zippered pouch... not even a buttoned one... for the exact same reason.

No, I take that back, i do have a zippered pouch that i had my mother help me make (I'm no seamstress). We put a screen window on it so that Leela could get air and see out if she wanted. It didn't go over with Leela though. She DID NOT like it at all. I put her in it and zipped it up and she became clausterphobic(sp?) or something immediately. She WANTED OUT and NOW! (hehe) She started biting on the little window and I was afraid she would hurt her little mouth or something. Needless to say it is still in a drawer in my apt never used for more than 2 minutes... and it was SO cute too!
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Re: Suffocate in pouch????? - 05/23/07 08:14 PM

it takes some getting used to for the glider. mine did the same thing but now she loves riding around in it
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Re: Suffocate in pouch????? - 05/23/07 08:19 PM

I got the Suggie Sack from Cuddle Creations,
and it is absolutly beautiful.. I can't wait to try it out.... but i was afraid that they wouldn't be able to breath.....
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Re: Suffocate in pouch????? - 05/23/07 08:22 PM

yeah theyre fine in that
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Re: Suffocate in pouch????? - 05/23/07 08:26 PM

I know they are ok, but it still scares me, I only use my zippered one zipped when I HAVE to.
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Re: Suffocate in pouch????? - 05/23/07 08:27 PM

I take my girls, roll up their pouch, and put it in my sports bra and walk around with them. Instant DDD's!!!! Lol... No problems with suffucation or impaired breathing at all. It's only cloth, LOTS of ventilation. Unless it was lined with something, I woudln't worry at all.

Like ShadowChimera said, if you can put it up to your mouth and breath through it, so can they. The only thing to be careful with, if you put them in a fleece pouch held close to your body, if you get hot, they're hot too... And probably more so than you. smile Keep fluids handy.
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Re: Suffocate in pouch????? - 05/23/07 08:39 PM

I put mine in my bra in a pouch and I cannot tell you how many times my husband will ask if they are still ok in there.
I have caught myself some times in the afternoon peeking after I have gotten busy and sort of had to do a check because they havent moved around for awhile.
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