to neuter or not

Posted By: Sheldon

to neuter or not - 07/14/20 06:50 AM

Iam getting tow males brothers who are not neutered and have been together for life. They get along well and are already tame and sweeet. Are there any good reasons to still get them fixed?
Posted By: KarenE

Re: to neuter or not - 07/14/20 02:56 PM


You say they have been together for life. How old are they? This will may make a difference in whether or not you may want to have them neutered.

Most males will at some point establish dominance. Sometimes it can cause problems to the point both will need to be neutered and other times one will submit so all goes well.

Does it continue to go well dunno Only time will tell. Depending on their age, IF you want to keep them intact just watch them and see what happens.

On the other hand, there is going to be lots of scent marking with two intact males. More than there might be were they neutered. So that would be one reason to have them neutered. It also calms them down somewhat. Depending on how long they have been in their present home, you may see different personalities once they are in your home, especially in the beginning.

Observe them for a few days and see how they react to their new home.
Posted By: Feather

Re: to neuter or not - 07/16/20 03:21 AM

I agree with Karen. Also if down the line you get more gliders and one is a girl you will have fighting between them, just because they can smell her.
Posted By: Claralice

Re: to neuter or not - 08/19/20 05:01 AM

Hello. I have two brothers. I had them neutered and I feel for me and for them, best decision ever. They are going on four years old now and their behavior is amazing. Very calm, happy and very little marking=little to no scent! I agree with Karen, if they acclimate fine and are older, they may remain fine. Congratulations on your gliders.
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