Large and small hard lumps on side of neck

Posted By: BenoitandCarette

Large and small hard lumps on side of neck - 01/12/22 05:16 AM

My little boy Benoit "Benny" has developed a large lump on the side of his neck. I've also been able to feel a smaller lump above the large lump right below his ear. I took him to an emergency vet who immediately suggested surgery to remove the lump and his broken top incisors (he's a rescue who broke both his upper incisors and they don't bother him in any way).

The vet was not our normal vet as this was an urgent care vet who also suggested we wait to see if his teeth grow back. This was alarming because I'm already aware that their teeth don't grow back. With that information I cancelled the surgery as I feel like I need a second opinion on our next steps. We have another vet appointment with our normal vet on January 20, 2022. Has anyone experienced this with their suggies? Benny is acting extremely normal as he's active and eating. Tonight he was a little constipated which I've never noticed before but also haven't sat and watched him as long as i have been the past day. Other than the sudden constipation he has no other symptoms. The lumps are hard and he doesn't seem bothered at all with me squeezing and touching the large lump. Benny is also 8 years old and neutered.

Just looking for any information/experience anyone has with something similar in their gliders. Feeling very anxious and nervous about what these bumps are.

Attached are some photos of the large lump.

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Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Large and small hard lumps on side of neck - 01/12/22 06:45 PM

Hello and welcome!

I would definitely get a second opinion. Their teeth do not grow back. I would be concerned about lumps. May need antibiotics at least. Teeth also need to be looked and and if loose, broken, or infected, dealt will soon.

As far as constipation, do a tent test and make sure he's hydrated. Cooked/ canned pumkin(no spices). Will help with constipation. Serve with his dinner. I freeze leftovers in ice cube trays, bag and can be in freezer for a year. Watch for freezer burn (push all air out of bag)
Posted By: BenoitandCarette

Re: Large and small hard lumps on side of neck - 02/18/22 04:38 AM

Thank you Ladymagyver!

We got a second opinion and had the mass removed. Unfortunately, we got our pathology report back today stating that my poor baby has a fast growing cancer. Right now I'm looking into any way to slow the cancer down.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Large and small hard lumps on side of neck - 02/18/22 03:57 PM

My boy Tucker had a Sarcoma tumor removed from his neck. It came back through his jaw and ear canal. The surgery gave me two more months with him.

I had to make the difficult choice to help him over the bridge. He was only 4.

I would keep your glider comfortable and love on him.

I am sorry your both going through this.
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