Covid & Gliders

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Covid & Gliders - 01/02/22 08:08 PM

Can sugar glider get covid? If so, how badly does it effect them?
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Re: Covid & Gliders - 01/03/22 03:52 AM

I don't believe there have been any cases of a sugar glider getting Covid. There have been other animals that have tested positive for Covid. I will shoot Dr. Sladky an email at the vet college and see what he has to say about it.
Posted By: cookielover

Re: Covid & Gliders - 01/03/22 09:38 PM

Thank you so very much!
Also, one more question, can humans transmit upper respiratory infections to gliders? My entire family is sick with it right now and I'm paranoid. My gliders did have URI last year and it wasn't fun. I haven't been handling the gliders and have been washing my hands and wearing a mask when giving food, but the whole house is just filled with sick people. 😱
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Re: Covid & Gliders - 01/04/22 04:46 AM

I don't know about that either, but limiting their exposure would be a good idea. Put them in a room where people don't hang out and continue with the cautions that you are taking.
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Re: Covid & Gliders - 01/05/22 01:05 AM

Will do.
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