Found Roaches!

Posted By: Shalena

Found Roaches! - 11/05/21 02:22 AM

We have found two roaches within the last few days. My grandma plans to call an exterminator, and I’m scared with what to do for my more susceptible animals (my sugar gliders and bird). I live in the basement which has little to no window filtration besides the laundry room and bathroom which both have hopper windows. Then there’s the downstairs bedroom that has a window well with a sliding window.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Found Roaches! - 11/05/21 03:08 AM

Remove your pets for the day. After they are done spraying then wash down the cages with Dawn dish soap and allow them to dry. It would be even better if you could remove the cages from the house.

Try to get the guy to spray in the morning, so that you have all day to air out the rooms.

Also tell him you have a bird and gliders, there is pet safe sprays that are safe once dry. But still air out the rooms and scrub the cages.
Posted By: Shalena

Re: Found Roaches! - 11/05/21 04:57 AM

Thanks for the info! I guess last time I’ve had to have the house sprayed which was at least once a year at our former house. Somehow I managed by covering the crevice of the door with towels and opening the window. But that’s not an option now. As you said I’ll probably just take their cages along, then try and air the downstairs with a fan to help with air flow while the windows are open.
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