Are these humidifiers safe?

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Are these humidifiers safe? - 02/09/21 10:50 PM

So my house gets REALLY dry in the winter. My hands are always cracking and bleeding. :/ My bedroom, which I also have my gliders in, gets really bad 'cause I have a space heater. I want to get a humidifier, but I also want to make sure that it won't hurt my gliders. Are any of these bad?

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Re: Are these humidifiers safe? - 02/09/21 11:37 PM

Any of them would be ok for your room. But I think you would be better off getting a larger humidifier to do more rooms in your house.
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Re: Are these humidifiers safe? - 02/10/21 12:45 AM

Alrighty, thanks!
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Re: Are these humidifiers safe? - 02/10/21 05:18 PM

We have a wood stove we use when we are home this time of year. Indoor temps are very warm (75-81°), but the humidity is very low. We keep water on the stove and have a humidifier as well. It keeps the humidity at about 30% which is still pretty low.

Since we are in the midst of a polar vortex in my neck of the woods, the furnace is kicking on more frequently. I have opted to also use a handheld mister to spray the cages. It's been a struggle to keep it at 30%. I don't spray the gliders, but I do spray their cage bars, cover, any fleece, back of their wheel, outside of sleeping pouch. I'll do this 2-3 times a day. I normally only need to do this in the summer, so this has been an unusual year...

On a side note: Grace, our newest edition, has a curiosity about the sprayer. Last night she chased the spray all over her cage. smile It has become a game for her... We don't have any drafts in our home, and I didn't soak her down like she thought she wanted, but she is still young and wants to explore and try everything she can... shakehead
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Re: Are these humidifiers safe? - 02/13/21 04:19 PM

Ah, that's awesome. Thank you for the info.
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