Greetings from Florida

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Greetings from Florida - 05/21/19 02:04 AM

Thx for the warm welcome - where to begin - My joeys I think were not very handled so we are taking things so for now - I have a 63" flight cage with tight 1/2 inch spacing - I currently have a wood and rope ladder - some bird toys - barrel of monkeys and little pom poms - I have them 1 week now - vet is seeing them this coming week - the person I got them from was untruthful with some things - like thier age and some other things - now questions - the previous owner was use hpw powder with eggs and honey and water with no vitamins or anything else - said they ate fruits and veggies - I was recommended excotic nutrition (i just now found out that isnt good?) the 2 twins seem to be eating ok - the (half brother not so much) i have been giving them fruits and veggies every night and roating protiens like chicken/eggs (hard boiled and scrambled ) plz help - and (bucky twin#1) seems somewhat friendly soanky (twin2) and froggy (1 week older brother ) really really wild -

they all three have pronouced bald spots and markings on chest (they are fixing to be nuetered) but vet says for the age they told me they were is not correct - he thinks they are much older - suggestions
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Re: Greetings from Florida - 05/21/19 03:30 AM

My best advice I received was "patience" and "persistence." I needed both-and still do! I found each of mine (I have 4) have unique likes and dislikes. They have taught me what to do and definitely what not to do. Fredrick and Barnabus are my Caremel neutered males. They live up to the Caramel reputation and are just super easy and sweet. My leucistic girls-Snowball and Marshmallow are so different. One accepts treats jumps right up and is ready to go. The other-not so much. More or less on her terms AND no means no. If she chatters, leave her alone.
As far as neutering, I had both mine done fairly quickly (just a few months) after they got here and it was a great decision!
Good luck and just keep in mind, they are each very much alike but very much different.

I am also feeding CritterLove food with the salads. It is so easy and I dont have to worry much about any of it. I keep veggies in freezer and make a batch of CritterLove every few weeks! Their hair looks amazing, eyes are bright, and very alert!
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Re: Greetings from Florida - 05/21/19 07:54 PM

Hi everyone I am back - so question

yaya this morning my boldest of new boys Buckwheat (bucky) the bigger of the twins cam up to my hand - He grabbed me licked a few times then bite me hard - Is this normal learning behaivor? I stayed fast and TSSSSk him he move backed a little but did it a few more times before retiring to his pouch - are we just learning each other ??
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Re: Greetings from Florida - 05/22/19 06:02 AM

Yes, he's trying to understand what you mean... And the biting may be a smell on your fingers, even from the treat you just gave him. If you have no intention on giving another treat, it's probably a good idea to remove your fingers.

I have 4 different noises I make to mine. Sometimes I get them confused:

Sssst! - I use when we are clipping nails or if I'm doing "Fist" time in their sleeping pouch. Means "no bite."

Tsssst!- I use for bites when I give treats.

I use both of the above while handling them and they bite hard.

Ssshhh! - I use when I give them treats and they try to steal from each other. If it doesn't work, I just tell them I'm done and no more treats. Dot and Fiona took to this pretty quick, Stewie took a little longer. This will sometimes break up small squabbles too.

Last but not least, I call them to find them with a real fast "psht- psht". It gets their attention and come forward usually to see what I have. Stewie caught on first. He can be loose and he will come out of where ever he is to see what I have for him. Fiona hides in plain sight and to get her attention, I have to say "peek a boo"! Then she'll move where you can see her.

You can teach them their names by calling their name and giving a tiny treat. Repetition is a must in one sitting. Mine get mad if I get them confused...
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Re: Greetings from Florida - 05/22/19 07:58 PM

This is awesome thank you so much - So the 2 twins (spanky and buckwheat) are coming out more and seem to be eating ok - However I harldy ever see froggy and he doesn't seem to be eating much - is this because he is still getting used to things (friday makes 2 wks)

Also I have a appt to get them nuetered friday - any advise??
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Re: Greetings from Florida - 05/23/19 06:03 AM

Where is Froggy hiding? Is there any sign one of the other two is keeping him away from the food. Dobby had a thankfully brief episode of guarding the food to keep the others away so I just put out on different levels of the cage so he could not guard it all. He stopped doing this once he and Arwen worked out who was in charge (she lets him think he is in charge). If Froggy is hiding in a pouch you can take it out of the cage and feed him separately too.

One thing I really recommend is getting an exercise wheel. All my gliders love wheels and it may be that Froggy needs something to do. I ended up having to get two because they were all trying to jump on at once. Make sure you get a wheel that does not have anything in the middle and is about 12” because gliders jump in the wheel and need more room then many other animals.

My gliders still bite some times and I suspect they always will. There are different kinds. There is the nip which I get when they are cleaning my skin. Does not hurt or bother me. Some time when they are sleepy or confused or eating they open their mouth to bite and realize they should not bite meand put no pressure in it. Get this the most when I put my hand in the sleeping pouch or feeding treats. Kind of an expolratory bite. Then there is the annoyed or curious bite. My girls tend to bite my knuckles sometimes or my underarms if I am wearing deodorant. Arwen also really likes to chew and will try to chew on my jeans. They are getting better about not biting skin but not sure if they get what clothing is. This is where I make a TSST! sound and sometimes say “no bite”. If Arwen is being a repeat offender I will sometimes bop her gently on the nose or gently push her to the side or blow a puff of air at her to show disapproval. It usually helps. The last kind of bite is an actual attack. I have only gotten this when I picked them up from above or really scared them. This is where they dig in and pull their face around to cause damage. They have never broken my skin but it hurts. The worst case of this was before I introduced the boys to the girls and Dobby was getting ready to fight the girls. I had to grab him and he flailed and scratched and bit.

When feeding lick treats I give them two or three licks and then pull my finger back. Helps keep them from biting.

Have you started bonding yet? Getting them used to you should help.
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Re: Greetings from Florida - 05/23/19 06:05 AM

Neutering also might help them all get along. Makes them less territorial.
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Re: Greetings from Florida - 06/04/19 01:17 AM

Thank you all for your help - I am happy to report boys are doing well - still a bit skittish - after talkig to gillizillon people and vets and you all - I have decided to go with the HPS (wambroo Austrialian) diet - can you guys suggest

1. do I add extra min and vits
2. do I need any extra stuff?
3. i have the fruits and veggies stuff pretty much figuered out
4. got mealworms - they arent quite sure of them yet - lol
5. i have put fresh euculptus in their home and change out the toys often
6. have a pop up tent coming wed
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Re: Greetings from Florida - 06/04/19 01:39 PM

Here is the link for the diet you are proposing to feed. It clearly states NOT TO ADD anything to the staple such as extra min and vits. Please be sure to read it all so you are clear about how to feed this diet agree
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Re: Greetings from Florida - 06/04/19 04:11 PM

You may have to break a mealworm in half and offer it to them. Once they see their 'innards' they will go for it and eat them.
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Re: Greetings from Florida - 06/20/19 02:35 PM

I keep my two fur kids in my pocket during the day about three days a week, allot of times during the day I keep my hand in my pocket and they ball up in my hand and go to sleep. before I put my hand in my pocket I Wash my hands to get any sweet smells off my hands so they don't accidently bite my finger, both my gliders (Tyrese and Diablo) are 5 now and what they do is lick my fingers and that's what let me know I am apart of their family group.
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