2 to 3 wk bonding process with secret substance

Posted By: AceM

2 to 3 wk bonding process with secret substance - 01/23/18 04:22 AM

I adopted a couple recently from an owner that didnt have time for them anymore:

I brought them home and gave them space for about 3 dys so they could get used to the new place, they live in my room with me and are next to my bed

I then started giving them a few treats, tiny pieces since they are full of sugar, still gave them space and eventually put their pouch on my bed a few times but allowed them to come out on their own

My roommate is around 9 and came to visit them, they pretty much got on him almost instantly prob because hes less of a threat size wise, he even got a suggie to glide to him from the lamp

After about 2 wks, i started giving them mango while holding it so they had to lick me in the process, the next time i got them to get on me while i held the mango

At 2 different times i put them in the bonding pouch and put it on me while i lied in bed playing video games at which point they dozed off

I continued giving them the mango, i used small pieces so that i could do it more frequently, thats the secret substance lol

With their regular meal i would put it in a bowl and hold it for them while the consumed it, i felt this built trust as well if im giving them things i must not be a danger or predator

Now they are allowing me to grab them, they are crawling on me, peeing etc; they are also playing a bit of tag with the cat we have and dont at all seem threatened

I should mention im retired so im home pretty much 24/7 in my room so they got to look at me alot
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: 2 to 3 wk bonding process with secret substance - 01/23/18 10:32 AM

It sounds like it's coming along well so far!

Congrats! :thumb2:
Posted By: BYK_Chainsaw

Re: 2 to 3 wk bonding process with secret substance - 01/25/18 06:56 AM

that sounds great,
I used dried papaya from pet store for awhile, then after they got dried and live mealworms they stopped liking the papaya. fresh fruits is something the gliders still seem to like alot.
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