Brand new to Sugar Gliders...questions

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Brand new to Sugar Gliders...questions - 02/10/17 04:57 PM

Good morning! I live in South Texas and purchased my first sugar glider on an impulse at a fair about 3 weeks ago. I rarely do things like that, but after seeing how cute they were, I couldn't resist. Brought her home and began doing all of my research. I have fallen deeply in love and want only the best for her. I am in outside sales and love to take her with me in her bonding pouch during the day. I've always wondered if it's ok to do this with nothing to eat or drink throughout the day?

Also, after we go to bed, I occasionally hear her barking. What does that mean? Is she happy and having fun or looking for something?

After lots of patience and time, she is now climbing on my hand and will walk up my arm. This morning she walked up my arm and outside of her cage! I absolutely love watching the progress. She only does this in the morning, though. In the pouch, she is still very crabby and will lunge at me. I have have just started putting my fingers slightly in her pouch and taking the bites. She does a little better each time. I'm hoping this is normal progress. I have not held her in my hands yet. Just don't feel like the time is right just yet. Do you think she will get to the point where she will allow me to hold her or do I just start trying to do it myself? I can't hardly wait to be able to cuddle her and have her climb all over me out of her cage! But I don't want to rush anything and make bonding worse either.

Many times when I put my hand in the cage, she will come to me, put her hands on mine, smell me, then bite. She will bite several times and sometimes it really hurts (has never broke the skin, though). She is obviously not biting out of fear so I'm curious if this is just a stage she is going though or what?? I'd like to think it's love bites but she gets a little aggressive with them. smile

I look very forward to your comments and questions you have for me. I know as I travel this journey, I will have many more questions for you all. Thanks for all of your expert advise in advance!

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Re: Brand new to Sugar Gliders...questions - 02/10/17 06:04 PM

:welcomegc:. wave

We got Fiona the same way in west Texas. Sounds like bonding is going well. You don't have to take the bites, she is being a bit feisty. When she bites "Ssst ,tssssk, or sshhht" her. It is glider talk for I don't like what you are doing. And move her mouth away. You may try giving her something else to bite. Like a small toy or a piece of fleece.

The crabbing and lunging is from her being scared. She might like a small fleece blank (4" 4" squares) to hang onto. Rub it on your arms or sleep with a few to get your scent on them and change them out every few days.

Have you considered getting her a friend? The barking is her looking for you or another glider. Does she have a glide safe wheels or toys? Since they are nocturnal, they play at night. She is probably lonesome or bored.

Having her in a bonding pouch all day everyday can be stressful. She will need some apples or grapes (seedless ) for a snack. As a joey, she needs her rest and should only be carried 3-4 hours at a time.

What diet did you choose for her?

Any word that is in blue you can click on and it will give you more info.

I know I didn't answer all your questions ( on break) so I'll get back to you. And till then please ask about anything we are here to help.

Please keep us posted on your progress, and we love pics!
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Re: Brand new to Sugar Gliders...questions - 02/10/17 06:38 PM

Welcome to GliderCENTRAL! Dawn has given you some great information.

Your glider is still a joey, they bite things as a way of seeing what they are.

She crabs in the pouch because she is scared. Take your time and go at her pace.

Keep us posted on your progress.

I am moving this to Bonding & Relations for more exposure.
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Re: Brand new to Sugar Gliders...questions - 02/11/17 12:18 AM

Thanks for the great advice! I have considered getting her a friend after doing some reading. Just haven't looked far enough into it yet. I will need to know if I should get another joey or adult, male or female (pros and cons of each sex), how to introduce them, etc. I have a large cage now that's stated big enough to house 4 gliders. I do have several toys and a glider wheel (which she LOVES). I plan on making many cage sets as I go along (fleece ropes, hammocks, etc.).
I have been feeding her the homemade BML diet with some fruits and vegetables. After doing some research, I am fixing to convert her to the HPW Complete diet from Critter Love. My shipment should arrive tomorrow. Do you think it will be ok to convert her straight over to it or offer both for a few days? I have also started her on the salad mixtures that she has on her site.
I am enjoying very much learning about these beautiful animals and look foward to my future with them. Please continue with any helpful information I could benefit from.
Thanks again!
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Re: Brand new to Sugar Gliders...questions - 02/11/17 09:35 AM

Copied same response---Also shows hand at top or looking in at baby first, hand over baby from outside of pouch with slight pressure to stop crabbing and lunging, before sliding hand inside pouch.
I don't like the cupped in your hand and away from your chest method.You also should look at what you are going to do next. You can't hold your hands out in front of you for very long or get up and walk around. Also if baby/adult baby gets squirmy it is harder to keep them from jumping off or escaping.

I prefer to have hand in pouch and my hand over the glider. This also kinda rolls into next step for me which is holding on chest under my cupped hand(s). If sugar glider gets active all I have to do is kinda roll top hand over top of baby/adult and they can't get away, loving of course.

I also can get up and walk around and do things one handed(after little one is comfy and secure on me).

This is a link to show how hands are over glider and semi open hands.
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