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Posted By: mraamohamed

Glider House - 06/25/21 05:01 AM

Hello all, new father here, just got my first glider she is awesome. Now the bonding starts, I have a question I got a would say a medium-sized square cage with a few accessories and my friend has an older wire birdcage the slats the same size just the birdcage is round and tall, now being a person that likes to make things is it possible to use the birdcage as a second area to play I mean I want to attach it to the current cage and make a larger cage. I read somewhere that gliders like to climb, I think the birdcage would be a cool idea. Anyone have experience or thoughts good or bad.

Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Glider House - 06/25/21 06:00 AM

Can you take dimension measurements of both cages?

Is the round cage flat or domes at the top? If domed, do all the wires meet at the top?
Posted By: mraamohamed

Re: Glider House - 06/25/21 06:59 AM

The square cage is 40cm wide x 27cm deep x 28cm tall and the round birdcage is 33cm round x 65cm tall and yes the cage is domed with a hanging hook at the top, I will not hang the cage of course.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Glider House - 06/29/21 02:24 AM

I tried to convert cm to inches and lost my way, but adding a cage is more than likely a great idea as long as you can do it safely is key. No gaps larger than 1/2" between and if you use zip ties, be sure there aren't any gaps in the zip ties that could trap a toe, finger, nail or foot.

Be sure there are no sharp edges when you trim the zip ties.

Speaking of sharp edges and tight spaces, check the dome area of the second cage to make sure there are no sharp areas or small spaces to trap limbs or toes, or nails as well.

Watch for rust too. When gliders pee or poop, they sometimes rub their cloatia against the cage bars. If there is rust, it can cause a UTi (urinary tract infection)

In your country, we know your cages a smaller than what we keep our gliders in the the USA. But we also know you normally give gliders a lot of out of cage play which helps make up for the smaller cage.

I hope this was helpful, sorry I'm so late in responding. Would love to see and be extra eyes when you join the cages to make sure it's safe smile
Posted By: Feather

Re: Glider House - 06/30/21 02:42 AM

Half an inch is 1.27cm.
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