Best Temperature?

Posted By: WhisperedSecret

Best Temperature? - 07/09/20 04:58 PM

It is finally summer here and that has raised the question of what is the best temperature to have the gliders at. I have read that they tolerate any temp from 65 to 90 degrees, but other websites say to not exceed 83 degrees...the room I keep the gliders in is usually mid 70s at night but can go up to 84 during the day. Is this too hot? Should I be concerned about them over heating? One of my gliders is actually out of pouch during the day, but and I can't tell if it is too hot? Is there a way to tell if they are overheating? They also have fleece pouches that they sleep in. Can this cause them to overheat in the summer? Any help would be appreciated!
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Best Temperature? - 07/09/20 10:04 PM

So, we travel for work in a fifth wheel. Temperature is never a constant no matter what time of year/location. Mine have been through many temperature changes. They are the most active when the temps are 75 to 85 degrees.

They can while sleeping adjust their body temperature. I offer a regular pouch and an open environment pouch to one of them, and the other sleeps in only open environment pouches due to her disposition in a pocket type pouch. I offer plenty of fleece blankies which both use to snuggle with or nest with. When they are warm, they'll just crawl on top of their blanket heap.

I also offer an open water source(replaced fresh every day) as well as a water silo all year round. Sometimes they wash their face and front paws in it.

Since they are accustomed to humidity, I do watch that as well. I try to keep them around 40-55% or higher( even in the fifth wheel). This time of year air conditioning can pull a lot of moisture out of the air.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Best Temperature? - 07/10/20 01:01 AM

I have an oscillating fan in the glider room, just make sure it isn't blowing directly on them. My glider room can get up to 80 plus even with the air on. Hard to cool an apartment when the air conditioner is in the sitting room.
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Re: Best Temperature? - 07/10/20 05:29 AM

I did forget to add that fleece is way more breathable than cotton. I use them all year round.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Best Temperature? - 07/14/20 02:59 PM

I have always heard, if you are comfortable then they are comfortable (within reason of course), and found this to be true with all of mine.
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