How to help a older glider health through diet

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How to help a older glider health through diet - 01/07/22 09:45 PM

Hey everyone I need some advice on things that can be done to help an older glider gain weight as well as helping general health.

My glider Smore has had a rough 1.5 year. Here you can find an older post about when her issues started. I can't find the other post with info about her. Maybe I wasn't logged in or was adding to another commenter post. But here a semi-brief catch up.

After her constipation issue was improving she ended up with a neuro problem. I think she either fell due to loopiness from meds, or seizure. Something happened which sounded like a fall from low in the cage 12" maybe. She was shaking her head back and forth and circling. She was seen by the vet with no clear diagnosis other than something happeneded neurological. She still ate, ran in wheel, played, but was very unsteady and would routinely walk in circles. I changed how the cage was set up making several large cage width hammocks and spaced and overlapped things so if she did fall again, it wouldn't be a big fall and would be caught by something. She has lived like this ever since and since her male cagemate Falcore was old and a slow old fella he didn't mind the changes.

This past July Falcore started having bloating issues on his sides. They suspected heart/liver failure and he was brought to the vet several times to have the fluid extracted. 12ml was removed on his first visit, 21ml on his second and he's passed away in the early hours of this last vet appt. He had been tested for parasites and Guardia as well.

A day after his passing I noticed some brownish red liquid on the white fleece I was using with Smores. After noticing it again I took her to the vet. She had blood work and fecal tests. No issues seen. The vet thought maybe it was a uti gave us some pain and antibiotics for 5 days. After 5 days she was still having reddish brown showing in her urine at times so I took her back to the vet. More testing was leading the vet to believe she may be starting renal failure. Back home with meds. Since then her urine has cleared up. She's acting rather normal for her age of 10y.

Throughout all this she has slowly lost weight, gone from and avg of mid 90g to a steady 73-75g. Her fur is thinning and crackly. Also in the last couple months she has gone from just overgrooming right above her eyes to nearly her whole head back to behind her ears. Since she's been alone I am carrying her in my shirt nearly everyday for anywhere from 2 hours to all day until feeding time at night.She is on the CLC diet with salad 3 or 4. I have prepared glider crack several times and added that to her f/v and staple at night. I also randomly add some pumpkin or avocado.

Is there any advice on what I can add to her diet to help her gain some weight back. She looks so frail most of the time. I am working on getting her introduced with my other female Buttercup who has always been a lone glider. Intros didn't go well with the 3 of them and it seemed that Cup liked being alone. Buttercup is 7ish and I'm really hoping the 2 will get along but I've been worried about intros due to weight differences and Smores health. Should I continue to try intoductions? Given everything said and I know its a lot, what else can I try?
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Re: How to help a older glider health through diet - 01/08/22 10:54 PM

I meant to ask, would Critterlove Breeders formula be good to help gain weight? Is there diet suggestions for older gliders?
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Re: How to help a older glider health through diet - 01/09/22 04:27 AM

At your gliders age, she doesn't need more protein. Continue to feed what your feeding, you can add avocado a couple times a week.
She is considered a geriatric glider and that could be compounding her weight loss.
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Re: How to help a older glider health through diet - 01/09/22 10:03 PM

Ok thank you. I'll continue to add the avo with her regular diet. It did seem the when I was adding avo to her diet before that her coat started to look somewhat greasy/cracked. I may have been giving her a small piece each night when that happened. I know once she didn't have it for a week or so the greasy look went away. Was that because she had too much avo?

Is there anything else I can try to help her fur appearance?

Do you think it's ok to add a tsp of glider crack to her diet sometimes since it's for I'll or underweight gliders or is that a "no" since it does add protein as well. Peggy had advised me about not adding extra protein when Falcore was having bloating/edema issues. Why do geriatric gliders not need more protein? What happens if they get too much?

Would a special diet for geriatric gliders be beneficial?
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Re: How to help a older glider health through diet - 01/10/22 12:44 AM

Yes, that was too much avocado, I wouldn't give it more than twice a week.
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