Are gassy foods a problem?

Posted By: sugarlope

Are gassy foods a problem? - 10/02/09 12:43 AM

So how many of us have heard that you are not supposed to feed gassy foods because gliders can't pass gas? Things like broccoli, cauliflower, lima beans, etc. were all on the 'no-no' list when I first came to GC. What about now? dunno

I know I had fed both cauliflower and broccoli before I found GC and never had a problem, but I did stop for a long time when I was told they shouldn't be fed.

Thoughts? Stories about this?
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Are gassy foods a problem? - 10/02/09 02:51 AM

I heard the same thing, especially about lima beans when buying the frozen mixed veggies. How many posts have I read saying if you must buy the ones with lima beans always be sure to pick all of them out before feeding to your suggies.

Well, folks, apparently my gliders are smarter than all of us. For a long time I did pick out the limas, and then I realized that when I didn't they were still there in the morning without even a nibble out of a single one. I looked and looked but could not find any evidence any had been eaten, like finding the shell when they had eaten the inside of the lima.

As for broccoli, they will eat it with no problems.

Personally, I think it is just common sense not to feed our animals things that will cause them discomfort or at least not in excess.

Posted By: Dancing

Re: Are gassy foods a problem? - 10/02/09 03:55 AM

LOL, I know for a fact gliders CAN pass gas. My gliders are weird about broc...sometimes they will eat the stem part, other times only the tops.

I can't STAND lima beans so nevre have them in the house.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Are gassy foods a problem? - 10/02/09 03:24 PM

I am with Dancing they pass gas, little stinky glider gas.

I have noticed a stinky poop odor when they are in the bonding pouch and have changed them to a clean pouch only to find that they didn't poop in there. Has to be little suggie gas. LOL
Posted By: CharmedSuggies

Re: Are gassy foods a problem? - 10/02/09 05:50 PM

I was told to not feed the gassy foods because it can cause bloating in gliders. I've never fed lima beans becasue it's on the toxic list.
Posted By: Dancing

Re: Are gassy foods a problem? - 10/02/09 06:44 PM

uncooked lima beans ARE toxic...cooked they are fine.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Are gassy foods a problem? - 10/02/09 10:45 PM

Teresa, do you have some links/articles about uncooked limas being toxic? Those would be helpful.
Posted By: Dancing

Re: Are gassy foods a problem? - 10/03/09 01:04 AM

They contain cyanide producing compounds, cyanogenic glycosides. Cooking them releases the cyanogens in gas form making them safe (but don't drink the water you cook them in).

This shows an exert from a food safety handbook...

From this site...
Raw lima bean contained cyanide, trypsin inhibitor, lectin, phytin and tannin.

"Prevention/Solution" (warning at bottom of page)
But a note of caution: Lima beans should not be eaten raw. They contain a cyanide compound, a natural part of the plant's defense mechanism. The U.S. restricts commercially grown limas to varieties with very low levels of the compound, but all should be handled with care. Cooking the beans uncovered allows the poison to escape as a gas. To be perfectly safe, drain the cooking water.

Is that enough or do you want more scientific reports? I can search for those for you once this migraine is gone.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Are gassy foods a problem? - 10/03/09 01:15 AM

Thank you, Teresa. Take care of your head. I'm just now getting over a week long one.
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Re: Are gassy foods a problem? - 10/03/09 04:51 PM

HaHa, that is so funny. Iíve never heard my glider toot. I didnít even know that they could.

I do give mine a large variety of veggies. Some of them are probably considered gassy but Iím not sure which ones. I got tired of throwing the green beans and the carrots away so I started making my own mix years ago, which I keep in a container in the freezer. I use corn and peas. Since I donít use any of the honey mixes, I know they can handle the extra carbs it the corn and peas. To that I mix what ever I have: mushrooms, bell peppers, chopped greens, asparagus, egg plant, broccoli stems (mine prefer the stems), snow peas, and summer squash. Iím sure Iíll think of more later. I know that isnít scientific but it seems to work for me. We also occasionally eat baked sweet potatoes and I bake an extra one for the gliders. And once in a blue moon, they get some white potato.

The other thing that I use that will probably raise a few eyebrows is full fat yogurt. Iíve given each glider a nice dollop of Vanilla Dannon LeCreme every night about 9 years now, OK, you can jump up and down on my head now, but that yogurt is the first thing they go for at night. The mealies can wait, they gotta have their yogurt. And I donít think it has hurt them at all.

Oh, and I also give about ľ of a grape tomato a couple of times a week. Sometimes they eat it and sometimes they leave it.
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Re: Are gassy foods a problem? - 10/03/09 05:10 PM

Just a thought. Since they do toot...could that be the reason for all the barking at night???? Or when they are crabbing at each other in the pouch??? roflmao roflmao roflmao
Posted By: SugarBlossoms

Re: Are gassy foods a problem? - 10/04/09 06:27 AM

LOL Anita!!!

I know for a fact that gliders can pass gas, I have a couple that wouldn't mind proving it! lol

I feed cauliflower and broccoli (raw/steamed lightly) once or twice a week along with their peas, carrots, corn and green beans. Like Anita, my gliders always get yogurt. I feed the Activia regular vanilla and twice a week they get the Le Creme or Breyers or Yoplait whipped in different flavors. Some of my gliders love the english cucumber, no seeds. Squash, sweet potatoe (baked) and a few other things are fed a couple of times a month.
Posted By: tlc_in_chitown

Re: Are gassy foods a problem? - 10/10/09 08:54 PM

There is nothing like looking for a stinky little present on your shoulder only to realize that they tooted. My male ran from the he didn't know it came from him, lol. He was looking at me like I did it or something.

My gliders like broccoli and cauliflower once in a week, but never eat lima (or any other) beans. The hubby was helping make a cauldron of food for the fuzzies and dumped the wrong bag of veggies (containing lima beans) into the mixture. This is Priscilla Price's recipe X 8, so there is no way I was picking through that much mush!! They all left the lima's untouched on their plates. I think that they are smarter than given credit.
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