Peridontal Disease and what to feed afterwards

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Peridontal Disease and what to feed afterwards - 10/08/10 02:16 AM

I'm taking in a sugar glider who has peridontal disease and had 2molars and 2 incisors removed because of it. The breeder who has been taking care of her has had her on the BML diet which works well for me because it was my diet of choice too. Is there anything that may be better though only because of her condition? Also, does the disease reoccur with sugar gliders often?
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Re: Peridontal Disease and what to feed afterwards - 10/08/10 03:07 AM

Boy, I can't help you out at all on this one! Hang tight...others will be here to help out!
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Re: Peridontal Disease and what to feed afterwards - 10/08/10 03:26 AM

Carly I suggest you contact Jackie_Chans_Mom, Val has extensive experience with periodontal disease in gliders and can guide you through everything you may need for your new baby. You can also find her at that is her board and there is also a lot of information there on periodontal disease. Good luck to you and your new baby wink
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Re: Peridontal Disease and what to feed afterwards - 10/08/10 03:34 AM

Thank you so so much!!
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Re: Peridontal Disease and what to feed afterwards - 10/08/10 03:59 AM

I have had multiple gliders with peridontal issues. It is insedious. Yes it can reoccure. There is no particular time line on how often, sometimes it seems like only a few weeks between outbreaks and other times they can go months/years. Hopefully you have gotten it nipped in the bud, and removal of the infected teeth does help. As to food, most of my kids who have had teeth removed do just fine with nearly all foods. You just have to watch the size of the food since without incisors they need to be able to place it toward the back of the jaw to bite. So you will want things to be pea sized for them so they are able to eat it easier. You may also want to offer more baby foods as an alternative until you know what your baby prefers.
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Re: Peridontal Disease and what to feed afterwards - 10/08/10 01:46 PM

Please do contact me and please do visit the Sweet Spot's periodontal disease threads.

Periodontal disease does recur (Just as Chris said above). One other thing that you need to be aware of is that it is contagious and can be passed on to the glider's cage mates. It can also be fatal if not caught and treated right away.

Sometimes, removal of the teeth is all it takes to clear it up. Other times, there will just be episode after episode - sometimes accompanied by an abscess and sometimes only by inflamed or bloody gums and/or loose teeth.

Until the number of teeth that have been lost/extracted is significant, there really is no need to change the diet. Gliders have 40 teeth, so loosing 4 is not that significant. Which incisors were extracted? That could make it difficult for the glider if you feed large pieces of food, but smaller pieces would be easily managed.

I have much experience with many different gliders with periodontal disease. One of my gliders only has 7 teeth left, and he is still going strong. Please feel free to contact me any time.
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