Posted By: KarenE

WYOMING - 11/12/03 05:43 AM

<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 03/25/04 01:16 AM

Livin' it up in good ol' Laramie, Wyoming! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/sleep.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/littleglider.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 07/06/04 05:58 PM

I live in Gillette, Wyoming. My dad was born and raised here, we moved back here from Colorado when I was 2. I live here with:
3 Dogs
6 Gliders
3 Cats
15 Hedgehogs
30 Chinchillas
1 Turtle
1 human son
1 Hubby!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 07/18/04 03:44 AM

Woot! From Wyoming as well. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 01/18/05 03:02 AM

Upton Wyoming.

2 gliders
3 cats
3 dogs
2 kids
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 10/14/05 04:09 AM

Hello Wyoming Friends, a Utahn here!

Next Spring I am 99% sure that I'll be doing an internship for 8 weeks in Evanston, but they don't allow pets <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crying.gif" alt="" />. Is there anyone near Evanston that might be willing to glider-sit two sweet little girls? It would either be from the beginning of January to the beginning of March, or the beginning of March to the end of April (I'm not sure yet <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" />). What would you charge? How many gliders do you have? PM me if anyone can help! Thanks!
Posted By: tbull

Re: WYOMING - 12/06/05 05:49 AM

Hey unicorn2005
I come thru Upton all the time, do you ever get to Gillette?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 12/06/05 09:27 PM

I Live In Cody Wyoming.Just became a glider mom on friday.
Posted By: tbull

Re: WYOMING - 12/06/05 11:02 PM

CONGRATS!!! Welcome to glider momhood. Do you have pictures?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 12/23/05 05:16 AM

We're new sugar glider owners in Casper.
We got our suggies in Cheyenne, Tuesday!
Bought them for our daughter, who's 20 and wanted one since she was 16.
Glad to see other Wyomingites!

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 01/17/06 02:15 AM

Casper here too, we got our first on Dec 19 and the second last night.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 04/29/06 07:52 PM

i live in Rock Springs wyoming, haven't lived here all my life though, haven't got sugar gliders yet (still decideing), <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: tbull

Re: WYOMING - 04/29/06 08:57 PM

<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wave.gif" alt="" /> hi, welcome. I am in Gillette WY.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 04/30/06 04:58 AM

Thanks, I'm very happy to be a new member. Everybody is so nice and are very helpful <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thanx.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 05/04/06 03:37 PM

I am from Casper, WY and do not have any babies yet, but would love to get some.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 10/21/06 01:37 AM

Hi I live in Green River, with my 2 babies, Thelma and Moose!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 01/20/07 07:40 PM

Hi all! I live in Riverton with my small zoo lol smile
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 05/08/07 02:43 AM

Hello, I'm in Green River. Been here a while but not my whole life. Love it here. Been owned for just over a week now and love it.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 06/08/07 06:52 AM

Howdy from Big WYO here too, In Casper as well! I have 2 suggies, Titus and Oscar both boys. I have used this site for proper diet, health, and happiness of my boys.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 08/15/07 07:01 AM

Gillette Wyoming here. It is cool to know there anther person here in town that has gliders too. I been here since 1986. Live in my house
1 dog
2 cats
2 male gliders
1 ball pythone
2 birds
3 human kid
1 hubby

Everyone says I have a small Zoo. I love everyone of them as my own kids. Well my hubby could be a kids to I guess LOL
Posted By: tbull

Re: WYOMING - 08/15/07 03:27 PM

wave Hi Tink, how are Titus and Oscar doing? I miss those guys.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 08/15/07 05:26 PM

They are doing realy great. I let them play in a tent last night and they used me as a ramp to jump on and off of. They play in there for about an hour. I have not been takeing them any whare with me becouse of smoke from the fire. I don't want them to get sick. But they are doing realy good and getting soiled from all of us.
Posted By: Anonymous

Wyoming! - 11/28/07 06:46 PM

Howdy from the Cowboy state!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Wyoming! - 11/30/07 06:29 PM

I'm near the kemmerer Area. i think Tbull is about 8 hours away from me. If you don't mind me asking? to the other Wyomingites? where did you guys get your gliders? I'd love to get two from Tbull but the 8 hour drive worries me.. Any suggestions?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Wyoming! - 05/01/08 10:52 PM

Hello everyone!!! I'm in Laramie and i am desperate for a babysitter!!!! I will be gone June 8-July 2 and July 6-23. If anyone is able to help me out please get a hold of me, as soon as possible. THANK YOU!!!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Wyoming! - 11/28/08 08:01 PM

Hey all, I'm a new Wyoming resident! At the University of Wyoming in Laramie. Just moved from Seattle, WA, so its a little bit weird.

Our family as of next week :

1 Siberian Husky
2 Gliders (the new additions)
ridiculous amount of rabbits, foxes, and coyotes in our "yard"/acreage
1 Human boyfriend

Posted By: tbull

Re: Wyoming! - 11/28/08 11:02 PM

dance another Wyoming glider slave!!!! There aren't many of us here. WELCOME
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Wyoming! - 02/12/09 05:03 AM

Hello everybody,
I live in Cheyenne Wyoming. Going to Dental Hygiene school. I have two suggies that are my babies. Glad to see there are other people who share my passion.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Wyoming! - 03/24/09 08:49 PM

I live in Crow Heart in Wyoming most of the time but in the Summer I live in Minnesota because that's where I have my Summer vacation with my therapist because I came from Minnesota and my therapist lives there so I go there alot and I am there right now but I usually live in Wyoming and it's nice there and I like to catch snakes and sit on my horse and her name is Maggie and she is brown and she is very nice, but there aren't horses at my house in Minnesota because the only big land is in the swamp and the horses would get stuck if they were in the swamp and there aren't alot of snakes so I like Wyoming a little better than Minnesota but Minnesota is nice too.
Posted By: LabNGliderMom

Re: Wyoming! - 03/24/09 10:09 PM

I am not in Wyoming, but I think it would be wonderful if someone who IS in Wyoming could help Jozef meet a sugar glider in person... if you would liketo know why or see more about Jozef, please go to
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Wyoming! - 03/15/10 10:24 PM

Hello All,

I come from the Metropolis of Casper, Wyoming and proud of it.

I have been a suggie slave for quite some time now and love it dearly. I am so pleased to see so many glider lovers from Wyoming. I had never heard of a Sugar glider until I moved to Casper...who knew?

Glider Central is the best place I have found to learn about these delicate little guys and thank goodness for it and the people who run it.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Wyoming! - 05/19/10 12:25 AM

Hello everyone from Wyoming. My name is Justin and I'm not from Wyoming.......I'm from Montana. Billings is my home town but I currently live in Missoula and going to college. I just figured I would put my comment on the closest place to home. Especially since I didn't see anyone else that was in Montana. And I really didn't want to have me being the only person in the Montana site without anyone else to talk to. Anyways I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and looking for some buddies to talk with.
Posted By: sphynxie

Re: Wyoming! - 03/14/11 06:39 AM

I am in Casper, Wyoming

I have:

soon to be 2 sugar gliders-Diamond CG F, and Cullinan-Plat MO M

4 sphynx cats- Jack-Red & White M HCM POS frown
Juno-Red Tabby F
Santana-Chocolate Tabby F

2 goldfish and 1 pleco

1 human child
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Wyoming! - 04/14/11 09:23 PM

Hello Melonie..

Your household sounds like mine in that you have such a varity of pets (children).

I have 2 dogs (Chihuahua, Yorkie)
4 Cats (mixed breeds, all adopted from ASPCA)
2 Ferrets (Rescued from Neglect)
5 Suggies (Bought/Rescued from horrible pet store)

My babies. I am sure you feel the same about your gang....
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 02/04/12 04:51 AM

Hi all. I am in Riverton, WY

We have 2 female sugar gliders. They are Rosie and Kizzie and they are the most awesome little critters ever! They belong to my kids but have become moms babies! We had a male also, but for some unknown reason, we lost Thumper a few months ago.

Nice to see there are more in existence in Wyoming than I thought. There are so many people who look at you like you are crazy when you shop for them or talk about them like people but they are like people. The girls have their own personalities and they will tell you if they have something to say. Best little critters I have ever had.

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 04/04/12 02:20 PM

Hello I'm from Sheridan, WY
Posted By: tbull

Re: WYOMING - 04/04/12 03:30 PM

:welcome2: :welcome2: Another Wyoming slave!!! We are few and far between. I'm in Gillette, if you ever need anything.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: WYOMING - 04/04/12 03:47 PM

Hello all,
I also live in Casper Wyoming. I have one adult neutered male named Charlie.
I'm glad to have found this site
Posted By: CourtneyRae

Re: WYOMING - 04/08/13 04:36 AM

Howdy folks! I reside in Gillette, WY.
Proud momma of 2 precious glider girls.
So awesome to see more people in Wyoming with these amazing animals! I almost thought I was the only one! wink
Posted By: SAA

Re: WYOMING - 11/28/14 09:38 PM

Hi, I live in Crowheart! I'm looking for a breeder or someone rehoming their sugar gliders. If you hear of any I would very much appreciate a heads up. Thank you smile
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