I have a breeding question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have a breeding question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 07/19/05 04:29 AM

I just bought a "Silver Cream" white faced sugarglider from a breeder but the breeder did state that the sugarglider does have ear bars,is the sugarglider still pure breed?If she has ear bars is she then concidered otherwise and not a pure white faced?Or are there different variations and does it all depend on the genes not the ear bars?Will the ear bars make her not an actual white face? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
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Re: I have a breeding question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 07/19/05 05:21 AM

White Face gliders do not have the ear bar. Sorry.
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Re: I have a breeding question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 07/19/05 11:50 AM

I'm sorry to say that the breeder lied to you. Your glider isn't a white face and there isn't a color variation known as "silver cream". White faced gliders usually cost $400-$500, but can cost even more than that, normal colored gliders cost $100-$200. I hope the breeder didn't charge you more... I've attached a picture of a white faced glider for you so you know what to look for in the future.

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Re: I have a breeding question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 07/19/05 01:45 PM

I don't even know what's going on.....The breeder Thank God didn't charge me 400$-500$ even though I know thats how much a White face actually costs but she had mentioned that some man that was a breeder and had claimed to have alot of experience with sugargliders had visited her website and told my breeder that she could not sell her WF as A WF but that she was a "silver cream" I have been to other websites and I have seen the description stated about a "Silver Cream". I have noticed one thing though her face is deffinitely more whiter than the normal grey/black sugarglider actually really white but she does have the ear bars ,but then again her grey coat does have a lighter white tint to it than the average colored glider....All the same to me color variations might matter ,but to me she's truly a doll so either way I really don't mind her color just as long as I have her...
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Re: I have a breeding question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 07/19/05 02:15 PM

Gray gliders come in all different shades. Some are very light, some are very dark. They are all gray none the less though. "Silver Cream" is just a fancy name people give grays in an attempt to sell them for a higher price.
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Re: I have a breeding question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 07/19/05 04:07 PM

That is the second time I have heard that term being used. There is a male "Silver cream" for sale now in glider ads. Most breeders do not recognize this "Silver cream" as a variation. If your little one has ear bars, then I am sorry to say it is not a white face. The lack of the side bar is what actually defines a white faced glider. Leyna is right, grays come in all shades and sizes. Some have darker and/or wider stripes, some have light and/or thin stripes, some have darker gray coats, while others have lighter coats. Sometimes people create these names to express a little uniqueness about the joey to make them more desirable or to be more descriptive of the joeys appearance, not just to up the price. A lot of times you will find these "created colors" being sold at the same price as a normal gray joey. I guess if you were looking for a light gray glider to join your family, a joey being advertised as a "Silver cream" would stand out amongst the other gray joeys being sold at that time. I guess it is all about salesmanship. Unfortunately, a lot of these created names can cause a lot of confusion in the glider community. What is a color? What isn't? Who has the right to "name" colors or define them? Since sugar glider color variations are still somewhat in their early stages, we can expect new colors to come out fairly often. In the end it is buyer beware....
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Re: I have a breeding question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 07/22/05 12:29 AM

Well yes I hold told this breeder not to sell them as WFB or WFG. I did not want her to mislead anyone since they were not this color. I had seen silver cremes before and personnly own one, Its preety much just a gray glider with a whiter head and a silvery tone to the gray fur. Now as to calling me very experienced, I myself would not and have not claimed that. I am still learning a lot from my mentors who are fellow breeders and here on GC I have learned a lot. I apologize if I have upset anyone for calling this color it was not my intention. Just wanted to clarify to this breeder that what she had were not babies of color that we know of as WFB or WFG.
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