Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys?

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Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/17/08 04:57 PM

Here's the story. Popeye was neutered 3 1/2 months ago. He was 10 and passed on last week. His cage mate Cinnamon has not had any joeys for about year now. I have been spending lots for time with Cinnamon since Popeye's passing and last nite I noticed she has 2 joeys IP!! The are about the size of peas, just like they have dropped IP. Is this the "stasis" thing I have read about before? I'm really worried about this with the grieving she has been going thru, she really misses Popeye. She has always had just 1 joey and the one time she had two (Romeo & Juilet) 5 days later they cannabalized Juilet frown I'm just not up for more heart break right now and I'm really concerned. I can't believe she has joeys IP!?!? Is this rare? I'm not sure if this is a blessing, or a nitemare. I just can't bear to lose any more gliders. I will be fixing (if boys) to live with her and be her company so she would not be alone. I did have intentions of doing intro's with Kiwi and Houdini (mom and daughter) so she would not be a solo glider.
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Re: Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/17/08 05:22 PM

cry First let me express my deepest regrets on the passing of Popeye - 10 yrs is a long time to have a pet and I know your heartache - I don't know a dern thing about joeys appearing after the male has passed but I guess this is a blessing - after all he was around her before his unfortunate demise (sp) in my opinion I'd let mom raise the joeys unless you see that she's so stressed she can't do it herself - then I'd pull them and start that wonderful AROUND THE CLOCK feeding myself - smile I know you'll keep us informed and good luck

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Re: Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/17/08 05:24 PM

OH My Cindy! I feel that in a way this is a 'blessing' for her. It could be that Cinnamon decided to give birth now in order to take her grief away.
She might need this to help fill that void.
Your doing the best thing for her by spending as much time with her that you can. I feel that with the Love and Attention in addition to the babies very well could bring her around.
Make sure (I know you know) that she is getting the extra nutrients necessary right now.
I will continue to keep her and you in my prayers.
Please try and not worry right now, take today as a new day with a miracle unfolding before you. hug2
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Re: Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/17/08 05:29 PM

Cindy, I am so very sorry for your loss. I know the heartache you feel.

Females can hold joeys in stasis for up to a year. I would continue to give her alot of extra attention and watch her with the joeys, maybe even supplement them to help her out. Weigh them regularly and pull them for hand raising if you see any problems. Contact Suz in the meantime. She will be an enormous help to you!

Good luck and again, my deepest sympathies.
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Re: Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/17/08 05:32 PM

It could also be that you are really easing her stress. What I mean is she felt at ease to go ahead and let the joeys out of stasis. Animals have an innate way of knowing things before we do. She may have known that Popeye wasn't doing well even 3 1/2 months ago. Hence, going into gestational stasis. Now you're doing such a good job at comforting her she feels like she's has enough support! That's what I would like to think. I know you're feeling bombarded. I'm so sorry for your loss. Maybe this is just what you and Cinnamon need.
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Re: Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/18/08 12:53 AM

I know its definitely possible. Seen it myself. Help momma out and Im sure everything will be alright. (((Hugs))) for you both. Im sure you both need it now.
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Re: Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/18/08 04:17 AM

So sorry to hear about Popeye, he had a long, joyful life with you hug2

I would see it as a blessing, Carrying Popeye's name on. It will be good for you, and her in my opinion, to be able to raise these joeys and her have a nice family.

You will need to play the role of daddy when they come OOP. Babysitting so she can go eat and play at night. Make sure she gets extra nutrients and keep spending a lot of time with her, you are relieving some of her grief by being there with her.

If they are male and female you could name one Sailor(Im popeye the Sailor man..) and Olive. lol

Please, keep us updated on her progress, I'm sending good vibes your way hug2
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Re: Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/18/08 04:41 AM

Sorry to hear about popeye .Id say your female with lots of attention and love.She will take good care of her babies some do when no mate is in the cage.Prayers for you both.
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Re: Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/18/08 04:51 AM

Prayers for you and your little ones. I'm so sorry to hear about Popeye. Hopefully, everything will work out and you will have 3 babies to love on.

We had a joey born 8 mos. after daddy was neutered. Yes, they can hold them in stasis for up to 1 year. They were created this way so that in the wild, if there is a food shortage or other crisis, they can "choose" to have the joeys when said crisis has passed.

I believe she knew about Popeye also and decided to wait.

God Bless. We're all here if you need anything!
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Re: Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/27/08 02:37 AM

please explain this stasis, where are the joeys held at. this is something i never heard of and am interested in learning more.
thank you for any more information.
i am sorry to hear abt. popeye and hope that everything will work out with the joeys.


happy holidays
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Re: Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/27/08 02:54 AM

I believe they are held in the uterus. They are fertilized, but held back from being born for whatever reason. When Mama feels the time is right, she will release them to make the journey to her pouch where they will latch on to a nipple and grow for the next 9 weeks. Then she will let them detatch and be out of pouch (oop) They will still nurse and be dependent on Mom & Dad for the next 8-10 weeks. It's really fascinating to watch the family! Joeys are one of the cutest things in the world!
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Re: Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/27/08 03:20 AM

Just to clear something up, joeys are not held in stasis as a conscious effort on the female's part. They are held in stasis because her body is not in peak form to raise her young. She doesn't make a choice about it, her body just doesn't release the fertilized eggs because of several possible reasons...there isn't enough food, the environment is not good (too cold, or something similar), or the female is very stressed (again, this could be for a number of reasons). Some gliders are much more sensitive to their environment than others and will react differently in different situations (we may not even know there is a stressful situation, but it may still affect them).

Stasis is really not terribly common for most of us because we keep our gliders in a perpetual state of spring, with a high quantity and quality of food and constant temperatures. But it can still come about from situations of stress, as I said. In this particular case, I would wonder if Cinnamon knew something was amiss with Popeye and the stress caused her body not to release the fertilized eggs until she had relaxed again. dunno
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Re: Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/27/08 03:27 AM

Guess I did make it sound like it was Mama's choice. Didn't mean to! lol It's really Mother Nature that decides.
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Re: Once again, I need help. Stasis Joeys? - 12/27/08 05:41 PM

thank you for the information. mother nature does work miracles.

happy holidays to everyone.

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