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Search Function - 07/17/14 01:29 AM

Want to learn how to search on GliderCENTRAL?

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To perform a search you can click the button in the header titled Active Search. Once you click that you will need to click the link search and the search page will come up. Search Page.

As an example, let us say you want to know about mealworm farms. You can just type in the words 'mealworm farm' in the search box. Do not use the single quotes like I did. When I did that the search returned 17 pages of results and many of the results really had little to do with mealworm farms. Lets look at this a little closer.

What I did was actually tell the search engine that I wanted to search for all posts with either the word 'mealworm' or the word 'farm' or both. So you see, I can get a lot of results that really don't have what I want. Let us try it again but entering the words a little different.

Now I will enter the search words in the search box like this. '+mealworm +farm'. Don't use the single quotes but do put a little plus symbol in front of each word. This time I got only 3 pages of results and they are much more related to what I want. By entering a plus symbol in front of each word in the search words, you are telling the search engine that the result must include that word. So, I was telling it that I want to see all results for mealworm and farm instead of mealworm and/or farm. But, we can get it even a little more narrowed down if we want.

By entering in my words enclosed with a double quote, I am telling the search engine I want to see all posts that contain exactly what I type in. So, I enter the word mealworm farm with the double quotes in the search box. This time I get 2 pages and the post contains the phrase mealworm farm.

The limit of search is that you can only search up to three years back and the max number of results is currently at 600. We limit the searches because of server load.

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Re: Search Function - 07/17/14 03:24 AM

Thank you so much Shelly! One thing I have difficulty with is the date range how how to work that. Also with having it only allowing you to search 3 years back, isn't a lot of the really important basics information found further back than that?
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Re: Search Function - 07/17/14 04:28 PM

Yes some information is older than that and would be found in the applicable archived section. If you know what you are searching for you can always go into that forum and check the archive just by scrolling through the posts if the search function isn't working for you.
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