Spitting/Foaming at the mouth?

Posted By: konotashi

Spitting/Foaming at the mouth? - 11/13/09 12:08 AM

I was told that the 5 or 6 year old rescue glider I may be getting spits/foams at the mouth when she's taken out of her cage. I've naver heard of a glider doing that. What's it mean? She goes back to normal after she calms down. She's not sure how long she's displayed this behavior.
Posted By: sugarglidersuz

Re: Spitting/Foaming at the mouth? - 11/13/09 12:15 AM

My Carina used to vomit when put into a closed bonding pouch when I first got her. It's a sign of extreme stress frown You need to take the bonding process with the rescue really slowly so that she will learn to trust you.
Posted By: SugarBlossoms

Re: Spitting/Foaming at the mouth? - 11/13/09 06:25 AM

Marissa, make SURE you can take her straight to your vet as SOON as you get her if you get her. She MIGHT need a lot of vet care. It's not easy to take in a rescue that has known health problems. Call your vet and ask what they think about this glider before you make a decision. I know your heart is in the right place but she may need much more than you are able to do. HUGS
Posted By: konotashi

Re: Spitting/Foaming at the mouth? - 11/13/09 12:37 PM

I'm not going to be able to take her - her mom said that she likes her too much to let her go.

I'm going to send my vet an e-mail and ask his opinion, but I'm sure he'll tell me to tell her to take her in. But it's worth a shot.
Posted By: konotashi

Re: Spitting/Foaming at the mouth? - 11/14/09 07:28 PM

I asked her how Sugar was doing lately, and she said that she hasn't taken her out. So she hasn't been out of her cage since at least Thursday, at least. I'm guessing longer. frown

I'd love to take her in, but I only have a few hundred dollars in my vet fund at the moment, and I don't know if that would cover the vet bills, depending on how serious whatever may be going on with her is. frown
Posted By: konotashi

Re: Spitting/Foaming at the mouth? - 11/14/09 08:04 PM

I talked to her some more, asking what all she did when she would foam at the mouth.

I asked if she was responsive at all and if she stared off into space or up at a light. She said that that's exactly what she did.

I'm not a vet, but from what she described (twitching, non-responsive, drooling/foaming at the mouth, and staring off into space), I'd say she's been having seizures.

As to what CAUSES them, I don't know. Could be from stress, diet, or excitement, right? Any other ideas?

I told her that she needs to be seen by a vet, but she hasn't responded to that yet....
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