Bonding with 2 3-yr-old males...

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Bonding with 2 3-yr-old males... - 01/10/05 07:11 AM

Well, guys, it looks like I'll soon be adopting a pair of male gliders that need a new home on Jan. 20, and my main question is this- would I treat bonding with adults any different than I would bonding with a joey? Does it typically take more time/patience or anything else I should be prepared for? Goodness, I've researched basic care for gliders for months now, but having an actual date set for when I begin parenting my "new" gliders almost has me tied up in knots, lol! I keep double-checking everything- large enough cage? enough toys? enough designated time for them and me? proper food? (lol, you guys know what I mean, right?)
Has anyone else here ever adopted older gliders, and what have your experiences been like?
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Re: Bonding with 2 3-yr-old males... - 01/10/05 07:26 AM

My first glider was somewhere around a year old when I got him. He came very tame already so it was basic bonding. Maui and McKenna came at 2 years old and also tame. However, with Maui and McKenna it has taken a bit longer for them to get used to me. With older gliders you use the same methods as you would a joey but it can take longer. Just remember to be patient and work at the gliders pace. I would let them have a week or so in their new cage/home to get used to everything before you start with a bonding pouch. Sit by the cage and talk to them. If they seem responsive, offer licky treats. From what I have experienced, older glider can be just as sweet as joeys but can sometimes take longer to get that way. Alot will depend on the life the gliders have had before coming to you.
Good luck, congrats, and when you get them, we will all want to see pictures!!!
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Re: Bonding with 2 3-yr-old males... - 01/12/05 05:35 AM

I agree. You can have a strong bond with older gliders, but be prepared for things to go slower, and to take longer before they fully love you. Follow your intuition with them, going at their pace, but always encouraging them to trust you a tiny bit more... Keep us posted on how things go!

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Re: Bonding with 2 3-yr-old males... - 01/12/05 08:28 AM

Patience, patience, patience. I have only raised one joey on my own (Stitch). The rest I took in as adults (6 months-Sprocket, 7 months-Spaz, 2 years-Lilo, and one 3.5 year old-Gizmo). Honestly, Stitch took the longest to bond to me. I have no clue why. Perhaps because he was my first glider. Sprocket and Gizmo are perfectly bonded. Gizmo is my sweetest glider by far. He bonded quickly and easily. I just brought Spaz home tonight, so he and I are still working things out. :-)

Just smother them in love and attention and everything should be fine. Use the usual bonding technique and those boys will be your babies in no time. Just take it one step at a time. Oh, and never forget how valuable bribes can be. Suggies loves snacks!

It's great of you to give them a home by the way. Best of luck to you!
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Re: Bonding with 2 3-yr-old males... - 01/13/05 02:48 AM

My boys were 2yrs old when I got them and I followed all the advice on bonding link and listed above. Biscuit came right around, he is the more out going of the two but (fitsy)Bitsy is still a bit hesitant to trust me. Everyday he will come around a bit more but I have to move slowly talk quietly and just give him time, he crabs alot and gets scared easy. But all in all I am very happy with the progress I've made and I don't think it was too difficult to bond with older gliders.
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