A Bit of a Scare

Posted By: MonkeyGirl

A Bit of a Scare - 04/30/14 04:04 AM

I walked downstairs earlier tonight to feed Gizmo to discover that the door was open. I could hear a noise which I am pretty sure was Gizmo barking. Which was kind of adorable sounding, but I knew she wasn't very happy about something since I've never heard her bark. Anyway, I walked in and turned the light on to discover my cat sitting in front of the cage watching Gizmo crawl all around the cage. I ended up spraying him with vinegar water because he ran under the cage trying to get her. Good thing he was outside when the door was left open and didn't get go back in the house until after I got home. Luckily I was downstairs shortly after he got in the room and she is ok. *whew*

Definitely finding a different place for the dog food. My husband accidentally left it open after feeding the dogs earlier that night before I was home. Gizmo quickly returned to her happily scurrying self and probably enjoyed watching Tiger (my cat) get sprayed out of the room. She looked like she was teasing him. LOL
Posted By: MonkeyGirl

Re: A Bit of a Scare - 04/30/14 04:05 AM

So be sure to double, triple check your doors to your glider room, cat owners. wink
Posted By: kcanmllvr

Re: A Bit of a Scare - 04/30/14 04:24 AM

I read that since gliders are marsupials they do not smell like rodents. The only reason cats should attack is if they haven't been introduced via smell. You should still be extremely careful since accidents happen.
I definitely do not purposely have my gliders interact with my cats but they do not seem to mind each other. My gliders are in the finished basement and there is no door so my cats roam around. They sometimes go toward the cage but never do more than glance and walk away.
One of my gliders, if shes just climbing on me outside the cage, when my cat walks by, she will pounce onto my cat and ride her for a couple seconds until she falls off. The cat isn't too fond of that but never shows aggression and shes forgotten it in a couple seconds anyway, shes super laid back.
I would never let them be around each other unattended though. Any interaction is always initiated by my glider when she pounces lol.

But my dog however is just too hyper. Even if she met the gliders by scent first She would just be too excited like she is about every.thing. So I would not ever allow them to be in the same room.
Posted By: JillMarie

Re: A Bit of a Scare - 04/30/14 04:44 AM

Originally Posted By: kcanmllvr
I read that since gliders are marsupials they do not smell like rodents. The only reason cats should attack is if they haven't been introduced via smell.

I must correct you on this, cats do not attack by smell, their attack response is triggered by MOVEMENT. So even a glider they have been "introduced" to could be attacked and hurt accidentally. Once a cat swipes at a small glider and says "oops I didnt mean to do that" is too late for the glider. You need to take care with gliders and cats, because an accidental swipe, nip, scratch could be very bad for a glider.

Now I am not saying SOME cats cant have glider interaction. I have one cat who is so uninterested in hunting that the birds come and eat from his dish while he is eating from his dish. Neither could care less. I just dont want anyone to think that whole "doesnt smell like a rodent" thing will keep their cat from attacking, because it just is not true.
Posted By: Feather

Re: A Bit of a Scare - 04/30/14 12:06 PM

I agree with Jill Marie. This cat was fascinated by this little tasty morsel that it couldn't get to because of the cage.

I am so glad it turned out well.
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