newbie but not

Posted By: lilbitofsuga

newbie but not - 06/29/21 07:31 PM

Hi all,
From Rutland VT.
I have a lovely lil mosaic with babies in pouch..... her name is Fern
I also have a lil man that is a BB who at times can be a cranky boy.
Today while he was in his bonding pouch he fought all morning to unzip his pouch. LOL he would try and try and then crab over and over because he could not do it. He must have annoyed Fern because she crabbed at him and gave him a swat
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Re: newbie but not - 06/30/21 02:40 AM

Welcome to GliderCENTRAL!!

Yes, the mommas don't take any guff from the daddys. Silly gliders.
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Re: newbie but not - 07/02/21 02:12 PM


Ironically I have a BB girl who refuses to be in anything zippered!
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