Sugar glider sick!!

Posted By: Anonymous

Sugar glider sick!! - 07/08/19 05:26 PM

Hi, I just got my sugar glider today and I think it might be sick.
It’s a male, 6 weeks old.
Our place is air conditioned but set at a temperature of 27degee Celsius.
There was a few moment where he portrayed something that looked like spasm/seizure,
And his tail was spinning.
I’m not sure what to do and not sure if he is sick.
Something just doesn’t feel right.
Is there anyone still here in this forum that can help me?
Thank you so much!
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Sugar glider sick!! - 07/08/19 07:47 PM

Six weeks is too young to be away from his parents. Eight to ten weeks is the earliest recommended. Where did you get him?

If you cannot contact the person you got him from so he can stay with the parents another couple weeks, then you need to get him to a vet quickly.

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Posted By: Xeno

Re: Sugar glider sick!! - 07/08/19 08:00 PM

He is young and that is not good but since he just arrived it could be almost anything. It could be stress from the move or stress from separation from parents or both. He could also just be lonely (most gliders do not thrive without companionship). What kind of cage is he in? What did you feed him? It is also daylight if you are in the Americas. Did he sleep at all? Do you have a pouch or nesting box for him?

But the advice above is best to start. Get him back with parents or to a vet.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Sugar glider sick!! - 07/08/19 08:08 PM

If he is shaking, that's normal he's stressed. Seizures are a problem since he is so young. A vet check is needed. Because he is stressed, his blood sugar may be low because he's burning extra calories. Try some watery fruits or honey water. He could be dehydrated too.

27c equals our 80°f. Temperature is fine.

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Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Sugar glider sick!! - 07/09/19 05:07 AM

I’m in Singapore and they do not allow sugar glider as pet so I kind of got him illegally.
I fed him fresh fruits but he didn’t eat it. Yes, there’s bed and all. I used a bird cage which is pretty big.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Sugar glider sick!! - 07/09/19 11:52 AM

The person you got him from who do they use for vet care? Usually vets do not turn people in for having illegal animals. It would be a good idea to have him checked over.

What are you feeding him? Does he have a clean water source? Diets are pretty strict on what they need to be happy and healthy.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Sugar glider sick!! - 07/09/19 02:44 PM

Even though you are illegal in Singapore, you should register here so you have access to all the board forums. I must move this thread out of this forum now to our Help, I'm New. Please register as It only takes a few moments. That way you can take advantage of the entire board.

As Ladymagyver/Dawn said, most vets will not turn you away IF they treat exotics.

Who you purchased the glider from is a very good question if they are illegal where you are agree
Posted By: Ethankjh

Re: Sugar glider sick!! - 07/09/19 05:00 PM

I’ve returned them to the seller and he took them to the vets.. he told me it was due to dehydration. But when I tried to feed them water and fruits when they just arrived. They refused to eat Nor drink them. Any suggestion regarding this?
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Sugar glider sick!! - 07/09/19 05:54 PM

It it because they are too young to be away from their parents yet. They have not fully learned to eat solid foods and drink water. They still need time to learn this from their parents. I truly hope this person has not given away their parents or something. If so, then the only option will be to supplement them until they are healthier.

BTW, water and fruit is not enough to keep them healthy. What else do you plan to feed them?
Posted By: Feather

Re: Sugar glider sick!! - 07/11/19 01:03 AM

Give him some scrambled eggs for protein, yogurt, veggies, fruit.

Yes, please join the forum and keep us posted on your little one.
Posted By: Kansaslady

Re: Sugar glider sick!! - 07/27/19 06:37 PM

My little one love the baby organic food in the pouches the can just use their tongue you can get veg and fruit ones I also feed fresh foods also
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