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Will your Glider Self Mutilate/ Bourbon& Ecollar #69788
11/23/05 07:58 PM
11/23/05 07:58 PM
Joined: Oct 2003
Posts: 16,800
St. Johns, Florida
Srlb Offline OP
Glideritis Anonymous
Srlb  Offline OP
Glideritis Anonymous

Joined: Oct 2003
Posts: 16,800
St. Johns, Florida
We would like to Thank Bourbon for her article on Self Mutilation & XFilefan for her photos and Instructions on the Ecollar

If you think you may be dealing with an SM, please don't hesitate and visit the Self-Mutilation site were there is a questionnaire to fill out and a list of emergency contact numbers, under the I need help section

Self mutilation can kill your glider in a very short time.

Now the question is can this be prevented? There are things to watch for, and ways to prepare and with Jeanies Permission I am going to use Mambo's case as an example.

The self mutilators we work with mainly are the ones that chew on their cloacal area and the base of their tail. The cause can be anything, from a piece of dirt in the penal shaft,a scratch or abrasion, urinary tract infection, bacterial infection, defects.. we just don't really know, each case is very different.The problem is once the damage is done, the cause is worked on secondary, as the damage needs to be attended to, and complicates many of the tests. We have had a few gliders that were caught before damage was done, been treated for a variety of things or neutered, and seems to be fine, *notice* I said seems, these gliders will always be at risk gliders, since this seems to be cyclic.

THE SOUND.. This can not be stressed enough, when you hear that sound, you will know it, it is awful, unlike any sound you may hear from your glider. It is a cross between a cry and a painful intense crab, and sounds like they are trying very hard to save their own life. This sound, they may make weeks or days in advance to actually doing the damage. Jeanie heard the sound, at 1:00am on fri (thursday night), she jumped up, and went to check on Mambo, she said it sounded as if his foot was stuck or something. but then she looked at him and he seemed okay. The next morning at 7:00 am she heard it again, this time the glider did not seem fine. Damage was not bad at that time.

Cotton ball test take a roll of cotton as she said and go around every inch of your cage, be sure it doesn't get hung up on anything, if it does, it is a potentional place for them to scratch or scrape their penis on, when they are reaching puberty. (when it is out all the time)

EDUCATE YOURSELF this can not be stressed enough, KNOW where to go to get assistance from people with experience on this.KNOW who to contact when you need help in these cases, as stated above an hour may be too late. be prepared.

Jeanie told me, that as much as she had researched, when it came to the sm information, that she didn't feel it pertained to her and her glider, as this only affects a few gliders a year. This is very important in the fact that many people don't know what to do, where to go, or how to get help for their vets. BTW there are very few vets that have ever dealt with this, and not just any vet can give a consult regarding this. the sm community has vets that have experience.

This just doesn't happen to males that are caged alone, it happens to all gliders, male, female, single, paired. So everyone's glider is at risk, some are higher risks than others. But the need to educate yourself, is vitally important.

E-COLLAR this is by far one of the most important things, to not only have one, but to be able to get it on. it will require 2 people to get it on, and many vets can do it. the e-collar page we have setup thanks to Dawn (Petey is her SM), that page explains how to tell if it is too tight, or too loose. there is nothing more important than getting a collar on a glider that is chewing. top priority, before any calls, computer contact or anything, a collar should be on. The collars make the difference between life and death.

vets This also is something that can not be stressed enough. You must have your contacts ready for a vet, and also an emergency vet in your area that sees gliders, there are many vets out there that is willing to do phone consults for those that may need it. BUT DO NOT WAIT till you need it. It may be too late.

Many people don't realize the urgency of the SM's need for proper care. In cases like this just telling them to get to a vet, IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, In the future with sm's please get them to the sm website ASAP, help them get to the people they need to contact, help them get to the e-collar. You can list Mary and I's phone number on screen if need be, do a three way, anything but these gliders need very fast help.

Those that believe they have the knowledge and experience necessary to help us out, on the sm website, please contact me.

This is a specialized problem that requires specialized treatment.


1.) Trace template onto clear plastic notebook cover, then cut out.
2.) 1 sheet Dr. Scholls molefoam- cut 2 strips ¼” along long edge.
3.) Remove one adhesive strip and stick one on top of another leaving one adhesive strip for later.
4.) Cut ¾” off of dual layer molefoam- remove backing and adhese to clear plastic as shown.
5.) 1 sheet moleskin- sut a strip 1-3/8” wide down length
6.) Cut slits ½” deep at ½ “ intervals down length
7.) Turn collar over molefoam side down. Remove backing from moleskin. Affix uncut edge to collar- about ¼” of it
8.) From the middle of moleskin- wrap around over molefoam, maintaining contours. Trim excess mole from edge.
9.) Cut 1/2” strip from moleskin
10.) Remove backing and adhese over slitted mole skin.
11.) Cut 1 strip 1-3/4” long X 5/8” wide
12.) Remove backing and place on edge of collar
13.) Wrap around edge of collar
14.) The Complicated Collar- Apply a small amount of duct tape, Fold a small amount of duct tape over to make a tab for easy removal.
15-18 are photos

ALL steps can be seen in above attachment.

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Re: Will your Glider Self Mutilate/ Bourbon& Ecollar [Re: ] #69789
02/04/06 03:35 PM
02/04/06 03:35 PM
Joined: Oct 2003
Posts: 16,800
St. Johns, Florida
Srlb Offline OP
Glideritis Anonymous
Srlb  Offline OP
Glideritis Anonymous

Joined: Oct 2003
Posts: 16,800
St. Johns, Florida
Upon Request from Bourbon I will be adding a Story of Mambo here and also adding in some links for other stories for you to read. I suggest everyone read them, as reading is the best way to prepare yourself instead of waiting to have to go through it. Which I pray none of us ever have to...

He Didn’t Have to Die…

Having one of my usual boughts with insomnia last Thursday, I was in my glider room hanging with my kids, Mambo jumping from me to his cage, I was going over the message boards. Sometime around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. (Fri) Mambo started carrying on inside his coconut which he often did. However, the sounds he was making were profoundly different, & not any of his usual language. It sounded as if he was hung up on something or like when I accidentally close his foot in cage door, but it was constant, loud, & had a serious tone. I went over to investigate. His coconut was just swingin with him rolling around inside as the noises continued. Every couple minutes or so he would pop his head out then go back in and continue. I can only liken it to one of those, usually homeless, people you see on the streets having an argument w/themselves, but in “glider” language. Being that Mambo was only about 6 mos old I just figured it to be another one of those goofy things they do for no reason & he appeared to be fine so I went back about my business through the night.
At about 7:30 in the morning I was in the bathroom connected to me glider room when I heard an odd, startling noise. I rushed out to see what it was to find Mambo once again swingin in his nut. Thinking this was funny I went & got my husband so he could see. We spied, giggling, from the doorway. Over the next few minutes my amusement turned to worry as now he an even more frantic tone. I coaxed him out of his nut and his frenzy continued as he attacked his lower parts, rolling into a ball, continuously yelling at something down there. His cage is tall, 3 stories, with ledges. He was seemed so angry at whatever it was that he didn’t care what floor he was on as I watched him attack it tumbling to the bottom. Now, I was frantic to see the problem. His cloacal area appeared to be swollen w/his little pooper sticking out.
vets office not open for another 30 mins I got on line and put a post up for help, thinking that surely something similar has happened to someone. In only minutes, I had gotten responses urging me to immediately get an E-Collar on him & get him to the vet, life threatening. (What the heck is an E-Collar?) It didn’t matter, because already by that time, only 10-15 mins since post, Mambo had begun taking bites at his problem. Seconds later his penis was out & now he was biting it as well. Managed to get out of my pajamas, him & me in the car, me sobbing uncontrollably & driving like a policeman-code 4, I noticed that the inside of his pouch was becoming more bloody. I went to get my sister to hold him, basically by the neck, for the 10 mile drive through Las Vegas during rush hour. vet took him immediately to operating room to anesthetize him for exam. A couple mins later they took me back. A team of 4 people standing over him, I saw his tiny, lifeless body sprawled out on his back, with anesthesia being administered through a pill bottle over his face, the problem was clear.
All with-in 1 hr he had mutilated his genital area to the point that the little cone shape seen at the rear of a male, was gone, his anus now exposed & open. He had destroyed the muscle that retracts his penis causing his penis to just stay out, he began to chew it with an unk amount of penis loss, not knowing if he had chewed into his urethra. Prognosis unknown I was sent on my way w/antibiotics & syringes of pain medication. I was told that he would continue to mutilate. Knowing that we could get through, I spent the next 3 days, 24/7 w/him in my hands to keep his mouth away from the area, medicating every 4 hrs, feeding, keeping hydrated & clean. He would cry out in pain trying to urinate or defecate, & about every 4th time something would come out at which time we had to clean & change pouch & all blankies. The infection & medications kept him constantly shivering & cold, but still he continued to kiss & hug me through his pain.
By Monday, the 4th day, & 5 failed E-Collars, I was at my wits end, but we continued through the night with several moments that he seemed okay, but he cried out in pain almost continuously, much like a cat purrs. Unable to handle the pain in his eyes I took him to an exotic specializing vet & left him. I got the call at noon that there was nothing they could do. He would continue the mutilation going next into his abdomen & organs if the rampant infection didn’t take him first, & his pain unmanageable.
I drove to say goodbye & tell him what was going to happen in a pool of uncontrollable tears. They brought him to me in a private room where I was left alone with him. When he heard me he jumped from his pouch & climbed up my shirt. Settling under my chin, he grabbed my face with his little hands, showering me with endless kisses, I explained how much I loved him & wanted him well & that the people there were going to make it so he could sleep with no pain & wake up happy & well in a better place. As I talked, he quietly climbed down into my shirt & curled up into a ball. I think he understood & was already feeling the relief. He came out a couple times for kisses as I put him back in his pouch & left. Unknowingly, I had left my heart there with him.
The point of sharing our story with you all is that, I had thought that the Self Mutilator information wasn’t important for me because none of mine were mutilators. There are many reasons why this happens & many for no reason, medically, or mentally like Mambo.
One thing is known, & that is the unmistakable sound made, and most times making the sound prior to the mutilation as was my case. Mambo would still be with me now, whole, & healthy had I known that the first time in the middle of the night that he was making those noises that it he was warning me. I had a several hour window of time to get a collar on him & prevent his pain & death.
I hope from you reading Mambo’s story that for you & the life of your glider that you will educate yourself & prepare, by having an E-Collar ready. Lord willing you will never need to use it. But, without basic awareness of self mutilation, should it start, you may not have the time to learn before unspeakable loss.

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