Posted by: John Derek<P>This is why you should NOT listen to everything you hear. When I first got my gliders, many people stated that a good diet was fruit, mealworms, and cat food. Then I heard from a breeder fruit cocktail and baby food. Never really hearing a thing about veggies OR calcium. Well, not long after getting my first pair, that was pregnant, she had her Joey. They were fine, and so was she. Well, I then came to learn one night what HLP was? My lil Pricilla was dragging herself around the floor or her cage. Well, I was so upset. I had no idea what to do and vets had not idea what I owned or what to do either. Many wouldnt even see her to try. So I hit the Internet and found what I was dealing with and fixed the problem. Do to the thought that all owners, sellers, and breeders know what theyre doing I listened and that almost cost me the life of a glider. The fear and hurt of not knowing what to do for a pet you love is one of the hardest things to deal with and I wish it not for anyone. So my advice is if you have seem signs of slow behavior or dragging get a proven diet started. They is a list found at <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> If your diet is not one of the ones listed or is not a PROVEN diet please get one. I would hate to read and remember that night. There is a chance you dont have to go threw the same thing, please take it. <BR>