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by Paani. 06/07/21 01:27 PM
Possible UTI
by Feather. 06/03/21 05:32 PM
Freedom Wheels
by cookielover. 05/30/21 02:16 PM
Glider aggressive to neighbouring cage
by Ladymagyver. 05/30/21 08:24 AM
Stewie:" It's MY Mouse!"
by mechnut450. 05/28/21 09:39 PM
still around all 10 of us
by mechnut450. 05/28/21 09:38 PM
Stewie caught a MOUSE!
by Feather. 05/25/21 10:08 PM
Safe Wheels
by cookielover. 05/25/21 12:42 PM
Hey wvglidermomma
by Feather. 05/18/21 07:36 PM

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05/02/21 04:21 AM Hi I’m New!
Hi sugar glider community!

I’m new here!
I’ve had my sugar glider for about 3 months his name is Pikachu & there is something reddish pink coming out of his cloaca, I read online it his penis but I just want to make sure, I have pics also but can’t attach them because they are larger than what can be uploaded (488KB) , I’m worried & I just want to know that the red thing protruding out is normal,

Thank u!
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04/15/21 12:48 AM First Time Owner

Hello everyone I am a first time sugar glider owner and I am documenting my journey and experience on TikTok, I wont post my username yet because I haven't read the site guidelines but I would LOVE to hear about any advice you guys have for a first time owner or any experiences you have to share!
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03/06/21 05:18 AM Hi
Hello everyone. I have been reading posts on this site for 5 years, and finally thought I'd join. I am hoping to be able to get a sugar glider pair, but I have had many problems so far. I have been researching sugar gliders diligently since I was 9 and saw one at a fair, but my mom being a responsible person required me to do some research. I am so glad she did because if she hadn't I would have become one of those people with pushover parents who got me a pet that soon died or had to be given away. About a year ago I had an opportunity to get a sugar glider. Her previous owners had obviously bought her on an impulse and were now getting rid of her. As soon as I saw her I knew I needed to get her away from these people who had killed her 3 companions out of neglect. They obviously had done no research and tried to convince me that gliders were special because they never got sick and didn't need to visit the vet. I bought her immediately since I had been doing research for a very long time. I took her to the vet as soon as possible and got some medicine and care, but the stress of moving and taking medicine combined with her already fragile condition caused her to become very sick. We had to put her down after only two weeks with her, but I am still glad I was able to have her for a any time at all. We bonded very quickly and after about a week she was comfortable sitting in my hand for a short while and taking treats from my hand. It has been a year since I lost her and I would still like to get a pair of sugar gliders, but I am not sure I want to rescue as I was originally intending since I am not sure if I could take losing another animal any sooner. I just wanted to share my story and maybe get some advice on how to move on and be able to get some sugar gliders. Thank you.
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02/13/21 02:20 AM Our first babies
Hi everyone. We are planning on getting our first sugar gliders. Before jumping in, I am trying to research everything. I have read articles, watched videos, and talked with another owner. I have so many questions still. The more I learn, the more I want to know. There is so much I formation out there, and I'm finding some of it very interesting, and some of it contradictory. I can't wait! But I want to be certain to be prepared first.
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01/24/21 06:03 AM Aggressive Glider

A little back story here. Our daughter was given one female glider in a very small cage by a teacher whom couldn't have it where she was moving. Our daughter had the female glider for a little over a year. Then she told me that her hamster died because she went 2 weeks without feeding it (she does not live with us as this would not have happened here).

So I ended up taking her sugar glider and making it me own. I had the female for about a year. I got a male sugar glider companion for her. The male is insanely aggressive though. He will bite and not let go. This in turn makes him get handled less as it hurts like hell, my blood gets everywhere and I am really worried I will hurt him trying to get him to let go. His attitude has also had an impact on the female which was bonded and super friendly. So I have separated them and put them in a different cages as I dont want his bad attitude affecting the female more than it has but I really hate separating them too as it isnt a great solution for either glider. I put him in a bonding pouch for at least 3 hours a day, the first hour he spends just crabbing out in there.

My question is, when gliders are this aggressive, does it tend to pass? Is there anything I can do to improve the situation that does not involve my hand being anywhere near him? Am I better off rehoming him to somebody more equipped and experienced to handle him? I am at a total loss of what to do. Blowing makes him bite harder and does not make him back off. If he is blown on he lunges at you. Normally I would suspect abuse from former owner but I got him as a baby and I know the people I got him from well, they are not abusive.

I appreciate any advice I can get here.
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01/14/21 08:42 PM Hi it's been along time, I like to to come back
Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I been on here. I am looking to adopt or rescue some gliders again into my life. Now that my family is more grown kids are way older and myself is grown more as well. I am ready to find some lovely sugar babies. Just remember I am dyslexic so might not always spell right.😊 how has life been for the glider world?
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Possible UTI
by cookielover. 06/03/21 05:19 PM
Freedom Wheels
by cookielover. 05/30/21 02:16 PM
Glider aggressive to neighbouring cage
by Tamxie. 05/29/21 03:12 PM
Safe Wheels
by cookielover. 05/25/21 12:42 PM
Stewie:" It's MY Mouse!"
by Ladymagyver. 05/25/21 09:57 AM
Stewie caught a MOUSE!
by Ladymagyver. 05/22/21 08:01 AM
Hey wvglidermomma
by Feather. 05/18/21 07:36 PM
still around all 10 of us
by mechnut450. 03/15/21 09:01 AM
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