Dot has Passed

Posted By: Ladymagyver

Dot has Passed - 11/10/20 09:01 PM

Yesterday we had to help Dot over the rainbow bridge. She had started SM her lump/mass. Her story is here:

I will update the above thread in a few days.

Dot was not a people glider, not a cuddler, even up to the end. But she was a beautiful standard grey who always carried herself with pride and authority. Our little queen.

We always greeted her with "Hello Beautiful" and I swear she would give a slight nod in recognition.

Dot knew her name, loved to go "Bye-bye", and preferred the 5th wheel as home.

Mealies were her favorite treat.

When you get to the rainbow bridge Dot, Fiona, your lifetime mate will be waiting..

We accepted and loved you even with all your little quirks! mlove
Posted By: theresaw

Re: Dot has Passed - 11/11/20 01:57 AM

I am so sorry for your loss. I'm sure she knew how much she was loved.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Dot has Passed - 11/11/20 04:49 PM

I know your heart is breaking, and we mourn Dot with you.
She had the best possible life any glider could have had
with you. Such adventures she had.
Thoughts are with you during this time hug2
Posted By: Hutch

Re: Dot has Passed - 11/12/20 04:10 AM

I'm so sorry to read this Dawn. Even knowing it was coming, its hard to imagine coming here & not reading about the latest trials she's decided to put Stewie through. I hope all the memories you have made with her on many, many miles of road continue to put a smile on you face while the heart heals.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Dot has Passed - 11/12/20 06:02 AM

I am very sorry for you and Brad's loss. May you both find comfort and peace in your memories of her.
Glide Free Little Dot :rbridge:
Posted By: Paani

Re: Dot has Passed - 11/13/20 10:25 PM

So sorry to hear this. I hope Stewie is okay.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Dot has Passed - 11/14/20 07:05 AM

Thank you everyone. Today has been especially difficult.

I've been prepping the camper for a week's trip for work and keep running across small momentos of our life on the road with the gliders... I have found stray poops here and there. Things I missed while vacuuming...

There was an area hidden by the cage where each of them would take turns marking by rubbing their backs along the wall I didn't discover until today... Each of them would follow along, and rub over the other one's scent. It doesn't stink, it's just a long darkened spot. I'm sure it will wash off, but I'm just not ready... It was fun to watch them mark, and I know there's a little bit of each of them in that mark... It's like a shadow of the not so distant past.

I'll open a new thread about Stewie. He's been a good sport about being Dot's companion and helpmate. But what he has transitioned into is another story. Itay take a few days, but I promise to get it typed out... He has been remarkable!

Anyway, thank you for all your support and kind words. And thanks for reading my meandering thoughts...
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Dot has Passed - 11/15/20 07:35 PM

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