Chance face is swollen again...

Posted By: Merissa

Chance face is swollen again... - 05/24/10 08:52 PM

I know I have not been on here in a while.

but last night i noticed that Chance's knot that was on his jaw is showing up again.
It is no where near as big as it was last time but it is kind of swollen.

and I wrapped him up last night to get a good look at it and when I took him to the vet over it they drained it..well the needle mark is still there..and it has been a while since that happened..I know him or Roxy has not been bothering it..but why is the needle mark STILL there? The vet said it was an abscess..

He gets neutered next Thursday..but I am thinking about taking him sooner over his jaw.

What do you think is causing this?

He doesnt eat no hard food..he on BML and fruits and veggies...

He is eating and drinking but it is driving me crazy.
Posted By: Jackie_Chans_Mom

Re: Chance face is swollen again... - 05/24/10 09:08 PM

Facial abscesses are very difficult to completely heal. They are notorious for continuing to come back time and time again.

However, we have had quite a bit of success with following this protocol:

Also, Convenia has shown great success as an antibiotic for use with gliders who have facial abscesses (though there are only a few cases studied so far, so keep that in mind).

I have three gliders that have each had repeated abscesses. One of them has had 13, one has had 6 and the other has had 3. So, I have a lot of experience with facial abscesses. We have been abscess free (in these 3 gliders) for 6 months now since we began using the drain combined with Convenia as the antibiotic.
You are welcome to call me any time to discuss this.
Posted By: bdonald25

Re: Chance face is swollen again... - 05/24/10 09:13 PM

I am sorry that Chance is having trouble again. Prayers and Hugs to you and Chance for this to clear up.
Posted By: Kryssidog

Re: Chance face is swollen again... - 05/24/10 09:32 PM

I'll be thinking about Chance. Prayers going up.
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Chance face is swollen again... - 05/25/10 05:44 AM

Sending hugs and prayers to and Chance!
Posted By: Bozeman

Re: Chance face is swollen again... - 05/25/10 06:36 AM

Hoping for a speedy recovery.
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Chance face is swollen again... - 05/26/10 05:01 PM

How is Chance doing?
Posted By: Merissa

today... - 06/03/10 01:44 PM

Chance is at the vets office as we speak.
I have to go get him around 1 and I will update.

The vet is going to look at his abscess and everything.

I will update on that too.

Prayers will be needed
Posted By: suggiemom1980

Re: Chance face is swollen again... - 06/03/10 02:35 PM

Prayers being sent!
Posted By: Merissa

Re: Chance face is swollen again... - 06/04/10 03:41 PM

He got neutered yesterday.
OMG I hate the stupid E-collar.
I dropped him off at 7:30 am and we picked him up at 9:30am.
He got a pom off.
I can not take the E-collar off until Monday.
He has found out how to jump without landing on his head..LOL..
I let him and Roxy play supervised last night so she does not mess with his sight..It did not last long because she started jumping on his back and biting his neck?
What does that mean?
And she kept licking down there.
I dont have a extra cage right now since Gabriella is in there so he got to sleep in the tent.
I set my alarm clock every hour and a half to check on him LOL.
I was a nervous wreck.

The vet gave him some more medicine for his abscess.
She didnt have to drain it because it didnt need to be.
Thank you LSardo for the advice last night.

Please keep Chance in your prayers this weekend.
He is doing really good so far.

OH PS....He did not leave my side last night.

I slept in the tent last night with him because I set my alarm so often to check on him.

I put a rolled up blanket on each side of me so I wouldnt roll..I dont never roll anyways..

He slept right on my chest under the blanket.
I felt loved because I put him like 3 other places to sleep in there and he chose to sleep with mommy:)

Thank you
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