Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ

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Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/20/10 11:14 AM

Whether you have or have not had any experience with abscesses, you need to know this. Even if you have, this will be something you should read. Please read through my post and use the information to help your gliders in their time of need. I never thought it would happen, and it did.

11-28-2010 was a Sunday. I had a glider friend over and we were going to have a glider girl day out, to buy fabric and starbucks and hit a few thrift stores. On our outings, she usually has her gliders on her in their bonding pouch. I decided that this time, since it wasn't so dang hot out, I would take a few with us along the ride. I am now down to two cages and they are my quad (The Fab Four) and my colony of seven (The chickens). I didn't wanna go through the rituals of all seven pottying and chance someone getting bratty and wanting out of the pouch through our day, so I decided that the Fab Four could come along. I went to the cage and pulled the pouch out. Out came Ranger, Doodle and Boomer. Where was Fuzzy?

Fuzzy came out last. The right side of his face was fine, the left was puffy and swollen. I instantly knew what it was... an abscess.

Right away, I pulled him out, with my friend standing next to me. I explained a little about what it was. After talking to another friend over the phone who has dealt with glider abscesses, (also being a Sunday) I made the decision that he could wait to be vetted in the morning. On our day out, he slept in the pouch while I checked on him every couple of hours. The swelling wasn't getting any worse and he was taking treats and water just fine.

The next day (Monday), he was no worse and I took him in to see the vet. I asked her about draining and she insisted that it did not need to be drained and that Baytril would take it away within one week and draining it may make it worse. After my asking a few more times, I could see her irritation so I let it be. I thought "Well, she's the vet here, so I'll take her word for it. She knows what she is doing." . I had a good amount of Torb left, so I didn't ask her for any.

Tuesday, it was a little puffier but Fuzzy seemed to be feeling a bit better. I read a couple posts on here, then GC was down and if I tried, I got a 404 message. So, I waited and googled what I could on other boards for abscesses. Mind you there's only so much you can do on a phone.

Wednesday, Fuzzy could not see out of his eye. It was a slit and I made the decision to remove him from the Quad to REALLY monitor him. I cleaned his eye with some sterile water and a q-tip, since it was a little gunky. He got to play around the livingroom and do all he wanted. He ate and drank fine, his face was like a puffin. I called my vet and asked her again if I could bring him in to drain it. Again, she insisted that the Baytril would take it away. I tried to get opinions from other vets and they would not give an opinion unless they saw the glider first. Only one did and he recommended to switch Fuzzy to Clavamox since it is more of a broad spectrum antibiotic. I asked my vet about this and again - she insisted the Baytril would do it. "Just give it a few more days." .

Thursday, the puffiness was down some and his eye was a showing a tiny bit. At the back of it was a little bit of red, marking irritation. I gave him his meds and cleaned his eye a little bit, to see if that helped, which of course, did not. My vet is closed on Thursdays. I noticed later that night, that some of the swelling had moved to between his ear and eye. This sent me into crazy mode.

Friday, the red was still there but he was still hoppy and happy like the doofus that he is. roflmao

I called my vet again to ask if there was anything else I could do for him and to let her know about the additional swelling near his ear. I offered to bring him in and she again, insisted that it might take another day or two for his face to show any real improvement. I decided that maybe it was just the super over protective mom in me and I needed the shut up and leave it be. Still, in the back of my mind, something was not right. I was checking the inside of his mouth to make sure there wasn't anything draining for him to swallow like crazy, nothing was there.

Skip a day and go to Sunday.
Fuzzy smelt odd. Like, a dead rotting mouse that you find at the back of your cupboard kind of odd. I thought maybe it had drained, but there was nothing on him. I knew the smell and I thought to myself "prepare yourself, he may not make it". I gave him his meds, he was still eating fine and drinking. I called my vet's cell and wanted to leave a message letting her know I would be in the next day with him so maybe she could assess what the smell was. I looked at Fuzzy's face and at the back of his jaw was a black spot. It had no hair. I hung up the phone without leaving the message and walked to the bathroom with him in my hand.

This next part is a bit gross, and I am in no way saying that it is okay to do this, unless you know for a fact, what you are doing, being in the medical area for a very long time and following a licensed veterinarian. Either way, this needs to be heard or read.

I got it to drain. Fuzzy didn't even notice it. This green, gross brown icky horrid smelling JUNK came cascading out of his face. Gauze pad after gauze pad after cottonballs and tissues, it finally stopped. I put a little bit of pressure and more came. I felt so bad, but I knew it needed to be done. I could see instant relief in his face as the pressure was leaving. He started to wiggle so I decided enough was enough and I flushed it out with sterile fluids and cleaned him up best I could.

Estimating, I would say about 2 - 3 ml of stuff came out of his face. I had a tiny bit of junk in a syringe for the vet to do a C&S on in the fridge now.

I got him settled into a pouch and cleaned up the loo room while I called and left a voicemail on my vets cell, letting her know what happened. She called me back and asked me to come in the morning to get some SMZ-TMP. In the morning (Monday) I took Fuzzy with me, and got the meds. I thought she would want to see him, but she was very busy. One of her techs spoke with me about it and told me to start the meds right away and continue keeping it cleaned and making sure to drain it every few hours.

When I found the black spot, it was about the size of a small pea. At this point, it was the size of a small lima bean - or two small peas.

Wednesday, I ran out of Torb. I asked my vet if I could get some more from her and she stated that he would not need it because once an abscess ruptures, the animal is no longer in pain... At this point, I was very adamant about the fact that I felt he needed it, since he had an open sore on his face... Right now, I am sure you are raising your eyebrow just as I am as I type this out and just as I told her why I felt he needed it. Obviously - it was a losing battle.

I was cleaning his face (again, I will not disclose what I used exactly, as I am not a vet) and following with sterile fluids and neosporin. He still had a good chunk of blackness on his face, but it was looking better. I let him have a few hours out of his E-Collar every day, to play and groom, until he tried to groom his face. Back in the Collar he went if he did.

Friday, I ended up cutting a small, loose part of the 'scab' off of his face. This allowed his face to breathe a bit more and let it drain without it building anything up.

This past Tuesday, the rest of it was barley hanging on, so I wet a q-tip and wet the area a bit, helping it come off a little bit more. Off it came! The tissue was pink and the fat was yellow and everything looked like it should in a healthy face.

Wednesday, I got home from picking Sal up. I walked in the room and said my normal greeting. "Hiya Fuzz!" . Normally, I get a crab or he pokes his head out to see who it is. This time, I didn't so I picked the pouch up and looked inside. He crabbed his butt off at me and even lunged. I picked him up and immediately burst into tears. He was ice cold and wanted nothing more than to kick my butt. I clicked my heating pad on and called the E-Vet to ask what I should do, before I got there. They told me that I should keep him at home and do exactly what I was doing, because they would do the same and charge me 150 bucks for it. Wednesday night, I slept on the sofa with Fuzzy in his pouch on my stomach, under a blanket, with a heating pad. I slept so light, I may as well have not slept at all. Every time he moved or made a noise, I woke up to check him. I did the same on Thursday. By Friday morning, he was able to retain his own body heat and started eating better once again. Still - he slept in his pouch, on the sofa, under my blanket and on a heating pad.

Ever since I had found him with the abscess, he slept in my shirt during the day, or his favorite bonding bag.

Today, we are a little smaller and REALLY on the heal. (Think from thumb diameter to pinkie)

I am so very proud of him for being so tough and understanding when I need him to be still while I clean his face or apply the topical ointment. He doesn't really mess with it and I have let him out of his E-Collar while he is on me or I let him play freely in the livingroom. I know the boys all miss him and he misses them. I can't wait for them to all be together again.


The things I want you ALL to take from this post:

Go around the board and get phone numbers. Write them down in a book because when you need the boards the most for reading, they might be down. Get at least two numbers for each issue might need help with. I have a few numbers in my cell phone but like Connie said when I spoke to her through the middle of this all, "Stuff happens. Computers fritz and cell phones get lost, stolen, break or die."

Any abscess, no matter what, needs to be drained. Don't let it go. If your vet won't do it, go to another one that you trust. (In my case, my usual vet is no longer at his office >.<)

I know how to, but: Know how to administer meds to your glider.

Have an E-Collar and know how to use it. I have an army of E-Collars but you always need more than one. I also know how to use mine and a very trick like way to get it on my gliders. wink

In case you don't have my phone number, it is 480-246-5668. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. If you call and I don't answer, leave me a voice-mail or text message me.

Okay, 4:12am... I think I need to get some sleep. I just wanted to get this out for you to read. I will post the progressive photos tomorrow, sometime.
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/20/10 08:23 PM

Wanted to update a little. Fuzzy is still doing really well. He's in my shirt right now. *waves his tail at the screen*

His face is increasingly getting smaller, and he's eating more and more. It took a few days for his eye to come up after it drained, but it's there, fully functioning.

I also want to add that I have dumped the initial vet and went to my old vet's office. My old vet isn't there anymore, don't know where he went. His superior treats gliders and he remembered me, from when I had to take Doodle there.

Now that it isn't 4 am, I can get pictures uploaded. roflmao
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/20/10 08:54 PM

Oh wow. I am so glad you and Fuzzy got everything handled, even with the vet being a doof! Thank goodness it all turned out well. And YES everyone needs to start a little address book of glider people phone #'s. The board will be down when you least expect it! I have one of the mini contact lists, you can find them at dollar stores, that are the size of a credit or debit card. I have LOTS of phone numbers listed on it, in case of emergency for me, OR the gliders. You can never be too prepared!
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/20/10 09:54 PM

Ash, first, I am SO glad he's getting better, despite that 'vet'. Continued prayers for him!

Second, your advice is right on target! I want to add, keep numbers of 'specialized' glider people, like Bourbon for dehydration, Dancing for wounds, me for joeys, etc. When I get a call and I know the issue is beyond my area of expertise, I have the numbers on hand of those who DO know what to do. I also have a list of glider vets from every state, as well as glider vets who will do phone consultations.
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/20/10 11:35 PM

I am so glad Fuzzy is doing better! Vets worry me sometimes...

Thank you for sharing what happened. This is definitely an important thing for everyone to be aware of. I'm going to start writing down numbers!
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/20/10 11:53 PM

I'm really glad Fuzzy is doing better. I am also glad you dumped that vet, what a fool! I hope you are also taking care of yourself and getting some well needed rest!

Before I get my gliders I plan on making this little notebook. Best of luck getting back to 100% Fuzzy and lots of hugs/kisses!
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/20/10 11:57 PM

We should start a thread with phone numbers in that case.

Who to call, and with what specialties they have.

If there's already a thread like that someone should link it here.
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/21/10 12:23 AM

Here is the one I see but their experience is not listed. However I have a feeling everyone on that list can point you in the right direction/who to talk to!
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/21/10 02:02 AM

One way to get phone numbers is to check signatures. If someone has their phone number in their signature, it's fine to call them.
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/22/10 11:51 AM

Fuzzy's owie is looking even better tonight!

His eye is nearly fully out and buldgy again and he ate almost all of his supper the past two nights. wink

I'm waiting for mods to okay the grody pictures I have...
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/24/10 03:05 PM

oh my god tears where rolling down my ace when i stareted reading this post...thank god he is ok...i have a few numbers but right now im going threw and getting as many as i there n address book on gc????????????
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/24/10 03:23 PM

What a terrible experience for you and Fuzzy to go through, poor little guy!

Sometimes you just need to go with your gut feeling, theoretically, veterinarians should know more than we do, but in some cases, a second opinion is the way to go!

I'm so glad that you knew and were able to take care of Fuzzy in lieu of what your vet recommended. Kudos to you for going to a second vet and getting the proper care!

TGI has an Emergency Preparedness Guide available on the website Here . It contains a list of people to call for specific situations, as well as a list by state in the event you are traveling and need a local glider person's assistance. You can never be too prepared!
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/25/10 04:23 AM

Thank you for that information, Shelly. hug2

Fuzzy's face is looking even better! The skin has grown over most of the way and I can see some of the hair growing back already!
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/25/10 07:57 AM

Poor baby frown

I am glad Fuzzy is doing better. My heart goes out to the both of you Ash. hug2
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 02:06 AM

Great news!

Fuzzy is feeling much better tonight. I gave him the last of his antibiotics, following with neosporin. His scab fell off! The past week, it's decreased in size, slowly showing more skin and a tiny bit of fuzz growing through. The past few days, he has been much less sensitive about me touching it or coming near him with a finger. He's eating really well, too.

Tonight, I am going to let him and the boys have supervised play time in the tent. I know they all miss one another. smile

Pictures to upload real quick and I will post them! wink
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 02:17 AM

Yeah! I'm so glad to hear this!!! You've done an excellent job of taking care of him!!!
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 03:19 AM

Great news! Yes! Love hearing this!!!
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 05:54 AM

Okay, progressive photos are here. wink

I will warn you now, that if you have a weak stomach or faint easily, don't click the plain links that I provide. They aren't bloody or anything, just fat showing and it looks gross.

Monday, the day after I found him and right before I took him to the vet.

Wednesday, three days after it popped up

Thursday, his eye was showing some

Post rupture, in his e-collar.. I cut the collar down so he could function as normal as possible, but kept him from getting or grooming his face...

Post rupture, link only.
Here, his face is open and the fat is showing. The black skin is still attached to his face, but you can see where I cut away the small part to help it drain a little.


His face is down very much, fur is coming back and he was eating a treat in both of these pictures. LoL!!!
I have another of his face before the scab came off. It was from three days ago, I need to upload it.

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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 06:01 AM

poor little guy! I'm so glad he is healing. That just looks so painful. I've seen so many "mating" wounds that only the severe get to me but this on his wittle face....awwww, makes me cry!
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 06:33 AM

Thank you for sharing! A couple weeks ago I had my first wound with one of my gliders; so am getting some experience on that. But I would never have guessed their little faces could get so big. He had to be in pain no matter what the vet stated! Perhaps a very dumb question; but what usually starts the abscess? Is it from an external wound or is due to a tooth issue?

I am relieved he is doing so much better and thankful that he had someone who knew how to help him. I am not sure I would have known and stupidly probably would have trusted the vets opinion until having read this. God forbid it ever happen; but if it did THANK YOU for sharing this info!
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 06:40 AM

It can come from a tooth, a scratch in the mouth, a nail catching the cheek... so many ways. worried

I'm just glad my man is on the heal!!! heart
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 07:09 AM

Me three!!! Give him a small huggie squeeze for me. cloud9
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 07:29 AM

I am so glad Fuzzy is doing better and it's starting heal nicely. Poor baby, thank goodness he has such a wonderful mommy. He looks so much better. Give the guy some smooches from me, will you. hug2
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 05:58 PM

Fuzzy Sez Hallos!!! I gave him a wheel in his hospital cage last night. He hasn't had one - so I gave him a wodent jr for the time being. Though I am not particularly fond of it, he is VERY happy!!! roflmao

He walks fast / jogs, stops and pokes his head out to make sure I am watching and does it again!! roflmao
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 06:44 PM

Look mom, look what I can do! How sweet! laugh
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 06:54 PM

Wow, poor baby. I am so glad he is starting to heal. I cant believe the vet did not want to see him. You can see he is hurting and needs to be seen.

So glad he is on the mend. Give him hugs from us.

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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 07:52 PM

Tammy, I was so upset with that vet. I am honestly looking at suing. I mean, a vet takes an oath that represents caring for an animal, no mater what. I think compassion may be lacking. She wouldn't even take the few minutes to just look at him to see how his face was.ohwell

I'm just grateful that he is getting better! mlove :grey: mlove
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/29/10 08:25 PM

This was absolutely TERRIFYING to read but I am so glad you posted in such detail. I'm really glad Fuzzy is doing better and that you had the sense and know-how to take care of him. I can understand and overlook the vet ignoring your requests to drain the abscess on the first visit, but brushing you off when you called after waiting a few days is just unbelievable. A LOT can happen in a few days, and I'm sorry but insisting that you wait a week before she'll even do something is STUPID and DANGEROUS on her part. Ugh. I am angry for you. tant

Anyway... I am glad you and Fuzzy made it through this and thank you again for sharing. Good to make everyone aware of this kind of thing and maybe it'll be that much easier the next time somebody's baby gets an abscess and has similar trouble.
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/31/10 03:04 AM

Look at little Fuzzy! hug2

I'm so glad he is healing... you did a great job Ash!
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 12/31/10 03:43 AM

What a harrowing tale! And the pictures! The poor little mite- I am so glad you were able to help him and nurse him though all this!
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Fuzzy's Abscess - 01/02/11 06:15 AM

His face is looking better, fur is a tad bit longer and he is in the pouch with the other three right now, on my lap. <3
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess - 01/02/11 11:41 AM

clap Sounds good Ash. How about a photo update on Fuzzy's face?
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 03/30/11 12:13 AM

Sorry, I just saw that you asked for an update! oops! blush

Fuzzy's face never grew fur back. It may take some more time, but I won't hold him to it. roflmao

The vet says he healed wonderfully, and there has been no sign of it returning, thus far! He went back in with the boys and has resumed his regular reign of the roost! clap

Description: Shortly after it healed all of the way. There has been no change so far.
Attached picture Copy of EOS 090.jpg
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 03/30/11 01:04 AM

He looks great, Ashley.

Thanks for your cautionary tale! I'm glad Fuzzy is back in charge!
Posted By: chattrbabe

Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 03/30/11 11:37 PM

Thanks - and yes, I'm glad for that too. He's my special boy! mlove
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Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 03/31/11 01:14 AM

Ash, glad to hear that Fuzzy is doing so much better, that pic looks great! It's good to hear he's King of the Cage again!
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Fuzzy's Abscess.... MUST READ - 03/31/11 06:59 AM

Awe, thanks for posting the pic, purty baby. hug2
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