Velcro ecollar hazard

Posted By: Cora

Velcro ecollar hazard - 05/16/10 05:48 AM

Spencer is smart and knows how to get what he wants. Earlier today he was making a fuss so I peeked in on him he had his bottom incisors buried in the velcro so I undid the collar (which is probably what he wanted)and he was able to get them out. A few hours ago he was moving around in his pouch fussing and sure enough he had those incisors stuck into the velcro again. Back to the staple collar. He has been wearing this collar for awhile now and has gained 20 grams so there is a little gap between the plastic and the collar of velcro. Just wanted to let all know of the potential hazard!
Posted By: hpyhwn2003

Re: Velcro ecollar hazard - 05/16/10 01:31 PM

When I used one on Ace I put extra moleskin on the edge around the neck that covered the edge of the velcro. Maybe that's what kept him from doing the same thing. dunno
Posted By: Cora

Re: Velcro ecollar hazard - 05/16/10 01:42 PM

um no its above that but thats an idea if I can get it to stick to the velcro in that area...........lemme go see............
Posted By: Cora

Re: Velcro ecollar hazard - 05/16/10 01:48 PM

nope wont work. I will take pics of what I am saying if I am not painting a clear picture, hes fat(again) theres a sliver pie peice gap of velcro not covered and mid way up is where he is burying his bottom incisors in the thick part of the velcro getting stuck. not a pretty sight! If There is a problem with something Spencer is going to find it!!
Posted By: Cora

Re: Velcro ecollar hazard - 05/16/10 01:49 PM

I did call Mary and warn her as I know she has this collar in use right now.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Velcro ecollar hazard - 05/16/10 02:47 PM

Boy Cora...Spencer sure likes to keep you on your toes doesn't he??

I dont like velcro around my gliders, the noise it makes when you separate the pieces....freaks mine out LOL...but thanks for giving us all a heads up on that!
Posted By: Cora

Re: Velcro ecollar hazard - 05/16/10 05:24 PM

yes, Spencer is a full time job if taken care of properly!
Posted By: minkasmom

Re: Velcro ecollar hazard - 05/16/10 06:19 PM

shakehead All right, Cora....time to fess up!

What did you do in a previous life to deserve such a handful of pixie as Spencer is? roflmao Undoubtedly you had fun, whatever it was.

Sheesh!!!! It's really GREAT to hear that you're gaining grams but gee whiz, boy! Give your mom a break!! tant (please pass that on to him, with "hatey dance" included)
Posted By: Cora

Re: Velcro ecollar hazard - 05/16/10 07:40 PM

lol Denise!! I passed it on, the dance that is!
Posted By: wclanton423

Re: Velcro ecollar hazard - 05/18/10 05:37 PM

So...which e-collar to y'all prefer? I have several neuters lined up and need some on hand, plus I just need some for emergencies (knock on wood).
Posted By: Cora

Re: Velcro ecollar hazard - 05/21/10 01:22 AM

staple sattelite
Posted By: Dancing

Re: Velcro ecollar hazard - 05/21/10 03:31 AM

I use a satalite style and use electrical tape to hold it in place. Unlike medical tape, the electrical tape is slick so the gliders don't get their nails caught on it trying to get the collar off. Also, it is easy to use, sticks very well yet comes off easy too.
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