Stewie's Shenanigans!

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Stewie's Shenanigans! - 11/19/20 07:48 PM

Anyone who is new to our story, may get a little lost, but for Stewie, he's starting a new chapter in his life, and I want this to be all about him and his new adventures.

From the day we traveled 9 hours to pick him up in Wisconsin 2.5 years ago, till today, he's been a ball of energy! He's smart, knows his name, he gets his feelings hurt and most of all, he's a bit ADHD and OCD ( I'm thinking most gliders are! Lol!).

Right now, he's still coming to terms with the loss of his last cage mate Dot.

And we are having to start over with him. In the next few weeks, it will be challenging to say the least!

Please stay tuned, I have a lot to post. But for now work is calling me! shakehead
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Re: Stewie's Shenanigans! - 11/23/20 05:34 AM

I look forward to reading all about the next chapter in Stewie's (& his slaves') life.
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Re: Stewie's Shenanigans! - 11/26/20 05:41 AM

Originally Posted by Hutch
I look forward to reading all about the next chapter in Stewie's (& his slaves') life.

You nailed it!!!!!

He has us wrapped around his big bald toe!!!!

It took Stewie a few days of hyper activity to process his new life. He was all over his freshly cleaned cage marking, sniffing, getting his clean open environment pouch just right for just him. He'd drag a few bracelet pulleys in, rearrange his blankies just so-so. I'd hand him an army man, he'd drag it in, then toss it out. I made him a snuggle buddy with some fleece scrap, I rubbed in on our sheets for scent, he took it for a few days and tossed it out too. Then then he went to the bottom of the cage and just sat next to it. It was 7am, and almost his bedtime.

It was then I decided he had enough time by himself and I offered him "the hoodie". I pulled it over my head, arranged the hood so he get could see and climb in. He climbed out of the cage, jumped on my back and proceeded to climb in. We walked around a bit and I went in the kitchen near where I had the mealies. He climbed up to my shoulder and watched as I plucked a few into a bowl, and waited patiently. I offered, he attacked my fingers grabbed the worm with his mouth and dove back in to the hoodie.

By the third mealie, he decided no one was going to touch or pet him, so he just sat on my shoulder chewing away... I didn't offer him another one right away, and he patiently sat there watching the worms in the bowl, but not making a move to climb down and help himself.

Then it happened. He was getting impatient, and started sniffing my cheek, and then he pushed it with his nose. I looked at him and said, "Oh are you still there? I guess I forgot about you! Do you want another?" He sniffed my cheek and pushed again. And he got another mealie. When he was done, I waited, and he pushed me with his nose again... I told him this is the last one.. He ate it as I sat down the bowl and walked back to the living room to his cage. He had crawled back in the hoodie, and I tried to coax him out, but he had picked his bed for the day.

This wasn't the first time he's done this in the last couple of years since he came in our home, but it was so rare, and a privilege to have him join me for the day... That day was the beginning of our new life together, a new type of bonding. Hubby and I take turns working with him.

He was meant to be a companion for Dot and Fiona. Now they're both gone so all he has is time and the two of us...

Next time, I'll tell you about Stewie deciding we wanted to move back in our bedroom...

Thanks for reading and y'all be safe out there...
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Re: Stewie's Shenanigans! - 12/06/20 06:18 AM

I love that game you two played!

I am sure you'll give him more love & attention than he'll know what to make of.
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Re: Stewie's Shenanigans! - 12/06/20 03:07 PM

Stewie gets a lot of out of cage play. He has always been super hyper, and usually stays close to his cage. Since he had no mate, we thought he would do better in the living room.

2 weeks ago...
Well, I guess he had enough of being in the living room... We lost him one night. I assumed he was in his pouch... I went to the bathroom, hubby stepped outside. We came back in the living room and sat down, and watched TV... Then I heard a noise coming from the bedroom.. a familiar noise... A crashing noise...

"What the?..."

I got up to check on the noise, hubby checked for Stewie in his pouch, no Stewie... So he followed me in to the bedroom...

It was dark, so I turned on the big overhead light... A glider toy I had laid on the bed earlier was on the floor. It's a large round candy ball, so I didn't think much of it. Till I saw a lump move near it. In our covers... Hubby had just told me that Stewie wasn't it his cage... Nice...

At least it wasn't a mouse in my bed... Sure enough, Stewie was under the blanket, on top of the flannel sheets... He crabbed when I touched him, and so we shut the light off.

Earlier in the day, we had brought the big cage back in the house after a good power wash, and I hadn't set up the wheel, put the cover back on or anything...

So I turned on a small light and commenced to set up the big (Congo) cage... Stewie helped of course! We had a lot of fun decorating and deciding where things should go... Stewie was all beside himself... (I'm not joking.. I can't make this stuff up!) He ran up and over the cage in and out, checking out everything I did. It gave us some one on one time, and got his happy butt moving to work off some of that fat he'd been storing from a few weeks before. I set up a clean water silo, and he was thirsty after all that work... Then he just sat there... " Oh! I bet you want your dinner in here too?" As if to answer, he jumped on my shoulder and pointed to the living room...

I retrieved his dinner dish and fresh bowl of water bowl, and he turned and pointed to the bedroom... shakehead

He was all settled inside his cage, I shut the door and he began eating... We checked on him several times and he was either running his wheel or chilling... That lasted only 3 days... We took turns at night sitting with him in the bedroom while he was awake... He was happy to play and jump around, when he'd get tired, he'd go to bed. This became a routine...

I was talking to hubby about cleaning up the cage in the living room and putting it back in the RV (the next day), as Stewie seemed content with some out of cage play while we were with him in the bedroom, locking him up when he was done. Well, that night (on my watch) I closed his cage and apparently he had decided to nap on top of his cage cover( in a fold of fleece) instead of going inside.

To both our surprise, here he comes down the hallway, through the kitchen, and back in to the RV cage!!!! And just sat there looking at me!!! So, I got up, went over and we did the same routine with his dishes... Back to the living room...

So now I get it... He wanted to stay with us, yet be in the bedroom... So we compromised... He gets playtime on our bed and his cage, and now when he's done, he comes to us to carry him to the living room... But I'm not done...

In the morning, he wants an escort back to the bedroom so he can choose whether he sleeps in our bed ( it has to be made before he gets into it.. he will wait patiently) or in his cage... He is spoiled!!!

So this is sort of an end to this chapter... Because Stewie got a surprise!!! Stay tuned!!!
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