Railroad needed

Posted By: BohoPhoto

Railroad needed - 10/13/19 08:31 PM

From Nashville to Knoxville asap. 4 rescue gliders, large cage and supplies.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Railroad needed - 10/14/19 01:59 PM

The distance between these two via I-40 is approximately 2 hrs 40 min give or take a bit. Meeting in the middle would be your best option.

Even when we had railroads years ago, one of this short distance were normally left to the parties on each end unless there happened to be someone you trusted traveling through.

Good luck getting these wherever they need to be.
Posted By: BohoPhoto

Re: Railroad needed - 10/15/19 03:52 AM

The person lives 3 hours on the other side of Nashville. She can get them to Nashville. I can get them from Knoxville to go to my home. We need help with Nashville to Knoxville.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Railroad needed - 10/15/19 08:33 AM

I'm no help, but The day before you posted, we had just traveled heading west right through there. A 16 hour straight through trip from SC to SW MO. With our gliders... Will be heading east back to SC after the first of the year.
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