How can my newly OOP Joeys even exist ???????????????

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How can my newly OOP Joeys even exist ??????????????? - 05/10/16 02:10 AM

I recently had a female leu that gave birth to two creminos even though the father is a simple platinum. How could this even be possible? There has never been any interraction between that pair and my creminos. I'll say it very simply and hopefully someone will know how. A female leucistic mated with a male platinum and the result was a pair of incredibly beautiful cremino variation. The variation has to do with their back stripe and their tails have both cremino and grey colored hair on their tails. Can anyone offer up even a guess to how this could occur? I would love to put some pics of them on here so you can see what I mean but I don't know how to. If someone would tell me how I would be ecstatic for others to see these 2 heartbreakers. Thanks for any help that anyone could offer me.
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Re: How can my newly OOP Joeys even exist ??????????????? - 05/14/16 03:10 AM

Do your gliders have lineage? Are there any Hets in their lineage?

If both the male and female have hets in their lineage for cremino that is how you got creminos.

The same way two standard greys can have a leu, with Hets in the lineage they can prove out and produce a leu.

Check out this:
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Re: How can my newly OOP Joeys even exist ??????????????? - 05/28/16 03:53 PM

i always thought a leu and a platinum would only produce plats. even if there are hets for creamino on both parents.

do you have a link to the parents on tpg? if not, what are the parents names on tpg?

i am curious to check out the lineage.
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