Possible Joey rejection!

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Possible Joey rejection! - 12/05/14 05:51 AM

I am not sure but it has been atleast a half hour since my suggies have gone in the nesting box and it could be longer. I am not sure if I should intervene or not. I hate to call the emergency line and wake anyone up. The joey is only 2 days old. Please help.
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/05/14 06:06 AM

I finally took joey out and she was cold she seems a little dehydrated. So I took her mom out and she wanted nothing to do with her but I attached her to mom so she could warm up and eat. I am keeping an eye on them to make sure everything goes ok but it was almost 45 min the joey was alone before I intervened.
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/05/14 06:20 AM

Looks like mom is staying in for now. Will check in on her in a bit.
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/05/14 12:11 PM

How's the little one doing this morning?
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/05/14 01:54 PM

That is a bit unusual for the joey to be away from one of the parents long enough to get cold at 2 days OOP. I would definitely keep a very close eye on the joey.

If the joey is rejected, or simply needs supplemented and kept with the parents (best option if possible), here is a bit of info that may be helpful:

Q: What do I feed a newly rejected joey?

A: You can mix up a formula made with Wombaroo Milk Replacer, Brisky's Booster Milk, or puppy Esbilac formula. If you use Wombaroo or Brisky's, follow the instructions on the box/container. Mix the Esbilac Powder 3:1; 3 parts water to 1 part Esbilac powder. If the consistency is too thick, add more water. It should flow through a 1cc needle-less syringe. IF the joey is dehydrated, then substitute the water for unflavored pedialyte. Once the joey is back to normal, you can switch to back to using water in the formula mix. You can also get 50% Dextrose Solution from your vet to add into the formula. It is added for flavor and to maintain sugar levels.

Esbilac Recipe:
1 teaspoon Esbilac Puppy formula powder
1 Tablespoon Water or Pedialyte (unflavored)
.5 cc Dextrose (must be obtained from your vet)
(Keep refrigerated, discard unused formula after 24 hours.)

You can find more info HERE . Good luck and please keep us posted!
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/05/14 03:00 PM

I was up until 4 this morning with them to make sure that she was ok. The parents are letting her in with them so far, she has been on nursing some it seems. She still seems a little dehydrated to me. I am going to go pick up the things I need because I am worried that they might do the same thing as last night. I am very worried but I have called Connie and she is so helpful.
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/06/14 01:20 AM

I have looked everywhere for catheters and the syringe but I haven't been able to find them. Please help.
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/06/14 02:11 AM


Suz's Sugar Gliders has rejected joey supplies and there is also other good information on her site about joeys, hand raising joeys and rejected joeys.
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/06/14 02:26 AM

Ty just ordered!
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/06/14 02:41 AM

you can also put the formula in your hand to let the baby feed or use a sterile makeup brush to get drops on the joeys mouth, until you receive the syringe.

good luck.
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/06/14 03:13 AM

You can get syringes for oral medication from most pharmacies or use a medicine dropper that can be purchased in most drug stores.
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/06/14 03:53 PM

I do have the bigger syringes and was able to get some pedi into both mom and joey. She was able to nurse some with me distracting her with food. She huffs at her when she tries to nurse although she is doing ok right now. So I am supplementing while she will let the joey stay with her. So at least she is still getting some of mommies milk. She has gain 2 grams since she was born so I think that for now it is working.
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/07/14 03:46 AM

Good to hear you only have to supplement. Have the parents been eating all their food? You may try offering the momma more food if she's not producing enough milk. Keep us updated please! grin
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/08/14 01:09 AM

I have been supplementing mom too with some pedi because I wanted to make sure that she doesn't get dehydrated. They have been eating all there food and so I have been placing a little extra food during the day. Arlie has gone from 12 grams to 16 she was oop last Tues. She still seems dehydrated to me. She still crawls out of the pouch and they still leave her at night. They let her in the nest though. I have ordered and is should be here tomorrow the milk from Suzi I think it is. So I am not sure if I should pull her so I can make sure she gets enough every two hours or keep going the way I am.
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/08/14 01:29 AM

I would just keep supplementing the joey. They are caring for her.

You should be giving the mother and father enough food for three gliders (3 full servings of what ever diet your feeding). If they are cleaning that up at night then add another tablespoon of everything (staple diet, fruit and vegetables).

I don't think your mother and father have grasped the concept of daddy stays with the joey while momma plays and eats.

Keep us posted.
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/08/14 03:22 AM

Thats for sure. Luna(momma) goes in and crabs at Arlie(baby). Then comes back out. I guess as long as the baby is gaining that is good. I just worry that at night the baby will be left to long and the baby will crawl out of the nest and get cold.

Being a first time glider grammy so to speak as me on edge a little.
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Re: Possible Joey rejection! - 12/14/14 05:44 PM

With your Baby Arlie! Update posted, I am going to lock this thread. You may contact me to reopen if needed.

Yeah, for Arlie smile
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