Glider hit fan - HELP!

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Glider hit fan - HELP! - 08/13/19 03:46 PM

I recently rescued a glider that had been living on the side of a trailer- mate had died. Owner was worried about wellbeing of remaining glider so we took it in.

My eldest son (teens) immediately took it under his wing. they bonded quickly. he had been trying for the last week or so to coax it into gliding by putting it up on high things it has to glide to get off of.

I guess there was an accident 2 night ago and I was only told late last night. Son put him on our light fixture/ceiling fan in dark room- sugar bear was fine than he couldn't see him so (NOT the BRIGHTEST move) he turned the light on to find him.

it also turned the ceiling fan on frown

glider went to glide off- hit his head on fan on the way.

this was 2 nights ago.

seems fine- eye was half closed this morning cleaned it it is bloodshot but hes keeping it open with no issues. left nostril looks like it might have dried blood.

beside those 2 things the only thing I have noticed is he just isn't playing AS much. still eating drinking etc. still barking when you bother him at the wrong time of day

I took it in so it wouldn't die- can't really afford a vet visit.

any advice? what I should look for? and care advice? HELP!
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Re: Glider hit fan - HELP! - 08/13/19 04:53 PM

This is DCMuffin (didn’t sign in, to quickly respond). You took this glider in to save it, which means that you’re also responsible to take it to the vet, which is absolutely what this glider needs. There’s not a thing we can do for you here, that’s simply the honest truth. Please get this little one in ASAP.
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Re: Glider hit fan - HELP! - 08/13/19 05:36 PM

While you were well meaning when taking in this glider, Aimee is correct. Accidents do happen even to those of us who are extra careful. We are not vets here, and there is no advice we can give you on a possible neurological injury. I am very sorry.
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Re: Glider hit fan - HELP! - 08/13/19 10:15 PM

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Re: Glider hit fan - HELP! - 08/15/19 07:38 PM

I hope you were able to get help for your glider! I want to scale what happened so you have a better understanding of the severity of a strike like that for an animal that size... if your son had been hit in the head with a baseball bat and had a squinty, bloodshot eye and a nosebleed, you wouldn't think he was ok even if he was still functioning. I hope this glider is still currently alive four days after the accident. Because he was still alive two days after the accident, he probably does not have hemorrhaging inside the cranium itself (though that does not preclude bleeding inside the orbital/behind the eye). Unfortunately, your glider may have some pretty severe neurological damage, and could have fractures or dental injuries that can lead to cysts (which are fatal if not caught and treated).

While this forum can't help you medically, once you know what you are dealing with (glider would need an MRI from a vet experienced in gliders or least small animals), you could make a new post for advice in the forum for special needs gliders. Your vet will also be able to tell you what possible future problems to look out for based on their findings.

In the future, when there is an accident or medical emergency, I encourage you to reach out immediately for advice without fear of judgment. Most people who love gliders care a lot more about helping your glider than judging you.
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