Meal worm trouble? Or teeth problems?

Posted By: JazEmber

Meal worm trouble? Or teeth problems? - 06/19/19 01:27 PM

Our newest glider (still showing fear of other gliders too) seems to have trouble eating mealworms. I started feeding mealworms as a treat and to help during bonding times. All my other gliders seem to chom/devour them but he seems to move the worm from side to side and instead of chomping/breaking the worm it only mashes the worm and he's left with the outer shell.. I'm a little concerned as to his teeth maybe.. any advice?

Also seems to be a little less active (always out after other gliders and always back in pouch earlier). I'm beginning to worry about an illness or something bc we rehomed from a lady whose 2 established colonies rejected him and my gliders seem to be doing the same or visa versa with him rejecting them.

Also with him coming out later in the nights, I admit I haven't had the time/energy to watch how eats his other foods yet but also feed a blended mixture so he has no problem licking it from my fingers but haven't seen him eating the kibble I leave during the days. Any advice? Thank you guys so much.
Posted By: Xeno

Re: Meal worm trouble? Or teeth problems? - 06/19/19 04:02 PM

How big is the colony? Is he active in playing during tent time (if you do it)? How long has he been in the colony? Does he sleep with the other members of the colony?

He might just not be a fan of mealworms. One of my girls is like that. She will eat them but will not rush me to get them like the other three. I started feeding them chicken for protein snack instead and they all love that.

He could also just be a loner and likes the colony but also keeps his distance. If it has only been a few days he might still be adjusting and learning to trust the others and working out the hierarchy.
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Re: Meal worm trouble? Or teeth problems? - 06/19/19 04:51 PM

We've had him a few weeks. He's on his own but his cage is next to a couple of my females, one older and one still young, but both females seem to jump at him and he SCRAMBLES to get away. I attempted to introduce him to a male, last week I think and my male they didn't crab or anything alarming except when my male tried to get close at this glider would SCRAMBLE frantically away and always keep his distance.

As far as the mealworms, he dashed for them when I put them towards him and nothing aggressive bc he's warming up to me alot and let's me pet him while he's eating and doesn't crab at me anymore.

It just seemed really off how he's not really been accepted by any other gliders. From what I've seen he's not the aggressor at all. But the mealworms thing also seems really weird bc he does seem to really enjoy them and goes looking for more when he finally finished one.
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Re: Meal worm trouble? Or teeth problems? - 06/20/19 12:02 AM

First his scurrying from the other gliders when they come to him is probably because the other two colonies he was formerly introduced to beat him up and he is afraid to get the same. Take introductions slow, with lots of pouch swapping.

In regards to the meal worms, some gliders will bite them with the side of their teeth and then mush them to the top of their mouth and get all the juice out then spit out the rest.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Meal worm trouble? Or teeth problems? - 06/20/19 12:05 AM

Gliders are supposed to spit out the exoskeleton of the mealie. Their front teeth are used for grabbing and digging/shelling in to their food.

Having said that two of my three usually eat them whole to the point of I wonder if they even taste them. If they are large mature worms they will usually spit out the hard stuff. Sometimes they are just being pigs.

Fiona who is my smallest glider will savor her mealies and spit out the skeleton 95% of the time. She has always been a slow eater.

It never hurts to take him in for a vet visit. Have them check his teeth and do a urine and fecal smear. A thourough physical is important. He may be sick and the colony can smell it and reject him. Let the vet know his history. Make sure they understand your concerns.

How does he play with you? Have you bonded with him yet?
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Re: Meal worm trouble? Or teeth problems? - 06/20/19 10:59 AM

Thank you guys so much! I feel a little better. Having an appt tomorrow hopefully, vet says they don't have openings next couple.of days but keeping checking with them. Bonding is going really slow as well and he hasn't really "played" with me but he was extremely crabby at first and now doesn't crab much at all at me and was kinda lunging toward my hand in the beginning but now allows me to pet him with little or no distress towards my hands. I think we're off in the right direction, just going slow.

Thanks again so much for the responses. Truly appreciated!
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