New glider mom

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New glider mom - 02/26/20 02:19 PM

Hi All! I am Michelle and I just acquired 2 - 12 week OOP female gliders on Sunday. I have never owned gliders before and it is tougher than I had anticipated. One of the females crabs at me every time I talk to them, go in the cage, or even breathe it feels like. When I brought them home, I tried to reach in to take them out of the bonding pouch that the breeder gave them to me in and she crabbed and lunged so much that I ended up putting them directly in the cage while still in the bonding pouch so I have not touched them yet. So they have been with me for 3 days and I have not made any attempts to touch them. Am I messing this up? Am I hurting the bonding process by not forcing myself on them? For the first time last night they came out while I was still in the room with them which is a first. They typically wait until I go to bed to come out and the only way I know they were out is that their food and treats are gone. I felt like this was a sign that they were getting more comfortable in my presence but then when I went to verbally say good night to them, she crabbed at me again. Only one of them crabs, the other one is super quiet and does not seem to be as angry at my existence. Any advice would be very welcomed. I understand that all gliders are different and that they need to be handled differently. Thank you! ~M
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Re: New glider mom - 02/26/20 02:53 PM

Welcome to GliderCENTRAL!

You are doing ok, they are in a new environment. I tell everyone to leave them a lone for a couple days to settle in.

Here is a subforum that has several posts on bonding with your glider: Bonding & Relations
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Re: New glider mom - 02/26/20 03:08 PM

:welcome2: to GC!!!

Like Feather said, you're doing fine.

When mine crab at me from inside their pouch, I talk or sing softly until they stop. They learn quickly what makes you go away. Whether it's flinching, or
you being quiet, they know if they crab/bite, you will leave them alone. It takes awhile.

If you have any questions, please ask away.

There are a list of topics in the main menu and you're welcome to post your questions by topic so other members can give you advice also.

So glad you're here and looking forward to helping you with your glider journey!
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Re: New glider mom - 02/27/20 02:45 AM

Yeah, the key to crabbing is don’t leave or react to it. Eventually they realize you are safe and you can start trying to hand feed them. Mine have never stopped crabbing entirely but they generally do not do it to me anymore. I am the guy who brings snacks so you better stick your head out in case I have some.

You can probably try to feed them at this point. If they are sticking their heads out and crabbing try holding a yogurt drop or other treat through the bars at one of them. They have a hard time crabbing while eating. Have you done a bonding pouch during the day at all? Maybe a little early but you may want to try in a few days.

Have you been putting blankets or shirts with your scent on them in the cage? I found that helps a lot. I sometimes wonder if I could have bonded better with my four but then I think back to the early days when I was their arch-nemesis and realize how far we have come. Now if I stick my arm in the cage they usually jump on and some of them now lick my neck and arm when they get the chance. All like to climb on me.

You will get there.
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Re: New glider mom - 02/27/20 02:39 PM

:welcomegc: you have been given some excellent advice.

I am going to move your thread to Bonding & Relations now.

So nice to have you here
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