Prayers for Dawn/Ladymagyver

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Prayers for Dawn/Ladymagyver - 07/30/19 02:37 AM

Our hearts are breaking for our friend Dawn and her family as they grieve the loss of Granddaughter, 16 year old Amara, in a tragic car accident. Her sister Camryn is in the hospital with multiple injuries.

Here is the News Story about the accident.

Please keep Dawn and the family in your hearts and prayers as they go through this time.

Originally Posted by Dawn
Our granddaughter died in a car crash and we have a second granddaughter in the hospital. Brad's son has posted on FB and I shared it on my feed.

Amara was the rock and the glue for my stepson's family. She had so many hopes and dreams on top of her being a genius. In her 16.5 years, she has touched the hearts of hundreds of people.

I've had one good cry, but my eyes leak all through my waking hours. The loss is undescribable. And yes, my grandkids are supposed out live me. Now I understand why

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Re: Prayers for Dawn/Ladymagyver - 07/31/19 04:18 PM


My thoughts and prayers go out to and Brad as you travel to help your family get through the tragic loss of Amara and the injured Camryn.

Safe travels my friend.
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Re: Prayers for Dawn/Ladymagyver - 08/01/19 03:24 AM

My heart hurts for your loss, Dawn. Travel safe & surround yourself with the love of family.
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Re: Prayers for Dawn/Ladymagyver - 08/01/19 12:38 PM

Thank you everyone. Because Camryn isn't able to travel for at least 2-3 weeks, plans have changed and we are on the road traveling to SC to be with Brad's son Ben and family. And she is still making leaps and bounds in recovery. We are waiting to hear if she may be released from the hospital today.

We left yesterday and stayed over night in a nice RV park in Tupelo, MS. Our destination is a tiny Town of McConnell's, SC.

The gliders are holding up just fine. Actually quite happy to be on the road again...

Thank you for your prayers and support. It is very much appreciated. The next few days will be the hardest.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Prayers for Dawn/Ladymagyver - 08/02/19 09:42 AM

We are in Madison, GA overnight. We made great time until we got to Atlanta . Seemed to take hours, but once through, decided to find an RV park. We are only 3.5 hours away.

Camryn came home from the hospital yesterday and is comfortable and glad to have close and quiet time with family. This afternoon/evening will be Amara's celebration.
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Re: Prayers for Dawn/Ladymagyver - 08/02/19 01:56 PM

Continued prayers for you and your family, Dawn. So glad to hear Camryn was able to come home from the hospital. She will certainly need the love and support of her family as she continues to heal both physically and emotionally from such a tragic accident.

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Re: Prayers for Dawn/Ladymagyver - 08/05/19 04:16 PM

Dawn, I am SO very sorry. My prayers and condolences are with you and your family.
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Re: Prayers for Dawn/Ladymagyver - 08/05/19 08:47 PM

I'm so sorry Dawn. :-(
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Re: Prayers for Dawn/Ladymagyver - 08/05/19 11:37 PM

I missed this at first. So sorry for loss. Take care of yourselves and, if you can, try to focus on the good memories and share them with your family. So sorry.
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