seeking homemade travel cage suggestions

Posted By: kaska

seeking homemade travel cage suggestions - 09/14/16 01:26 PM

I've seen where a lot of people make cages out of PVC pipe. I want to make a travel cage. What kind of material is safe to use for the mesh part of the cage? Most of the netting I see is either plastic or the spaces are too large. I thought about using the netting material from the fabric store but don't know if the sugarglider could grab a hold of it when moving around the cage. I appreciate any suggestions!
Posted By: Feather

Re: seeking homemade travel cage suggestions - 09/14/16 01:54 PM

Most people use pop up dog kennels. You can build a frame to fit into the kennel to hang toys, the pouch and water bottle on.
Posted By: Paani

Re: seeking homemade travel cage suggestions - 10/30/16 05:24 AM

I use a pop-up kennel if I want a big cage for them when traveling but if it's just for transport, I use a mesh backpack with a PVC pipe frame to keep it from collapsing. I hang a pouch from the PVC frame and put a plastic pan at the bottom. I can even fasten a water bottle to the frame for them.

I use the same PVC piping to build a frame for the kennel so I can hang a pouch and water bottle for them. The set up works well for a motel room on a road trip while the backpack is smaller for use in the car.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: seeking homemade travel cage suggestions - 10/30/16 12:57 PM

The material I use is pet screen from the hardware section next to regular screen. iT washes well and drys on "low heat" setting, but better to air dry.

I have seen it at fabric stores, but a bit pricey. I suppose the difference would be how much you want. in the hardware section you buy by the roll. In the fabric store, by the yard. I don't mind the roll, as I have it on hand for other projects.
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