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Posted By: meganjoy12

Critter Love Help - 11/11/20 05:46 PM

Ok so after reading that Critter Love is a better diet (according to most) compared to the GOHPW I had been feeding my girls for 4+ years I decided to switch over. So my 2 newer girls who I started out on GOHPW only for a month or so have switched over easily enough, they drink most/all of the Critter Love every night. But my 2 older (who I've had 4+ yrs and are in a different cage) will not touch the stuff. It's been about a month now and they might drink a tiny tiny amount but most nights it hasn't been touched. I read on the Critter Love site when someone said their gliders hated it that it might be the bee pollen, honey or eggs but it can't be that because I'm using the same stuff I did for years with the GOHPW and they go crazy over that stuff. In fact they would drink that the second I put it in the cage and finish it before touching the fruit and veggies but with Critter Love they won't go near the stuff. I've seen 1 of my older girls lick it a little but the other I have yet to see touch it.

I'm really worried that they aren't getting a good diet since they won't touch the stuff but I don't want to switch back because I read this is the only diet that has the ph:c correct so you don't have to worry. Can anyone give me some ideas on what to do? Or did anyone have this problem with their gliders when they switched over? Any help would be amazing.

Posted By: Hutch

Re: Critter Love Help - 11/12/20 04:19 AM

I switched from the Suncoast diet to CritterLove Complete a number of years ago & mine went nuts for it. I'm sorry it hasn't been that smooth for you, but maybe its just they need a little more time to accept the change since they were on HPW for so long. When I serve mine their dinner, I actually pour it over the salad mix so its all mixed together in a couple tiny bowls or on a plate (depending on how I am serving it that night). For mine it seems to work better than when I serve in separate dishes for a few reasons. Maybe something to try & see what they think about that presentation?
Posted By: Feather

Re: Critter Love Help - 11/12/20 05:59 AM

Even though it isn't recommended to use the green juice with the Critterlove, you could try to slowly wean them off the juice.
Don't put it in the batch just add a little bit to the Critterlove and slowly use less.
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