Question for those with only 1 glider

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Question for those with only 1 glider - 04/01/08 12:56 AM

Just wondering how you came to the decision to have just 1 and if your planning on getting a 2nd, 3rd, 4th... in the future. thanks

Edit- I started with 1 and quickly realized my little Sammy needed a she has 3 !
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Re: Question for those with only 1 glider - 04/01/08 01:35 AM

When I first got into gliders, I only had 1. It was just me and Brodey for 2 years, until I went to college... I was going to school full time and working 40 hours a week. I realized then that I wouldn't be able to spend as much 1 on 1 time with him as I once did, so I got him a buddy... School didn't exactly work out for me (I'm not the best student ever), so now it's just work and the critters for me. I love being able to dote on all my babies heart
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Re: Question for those with only 1 glider - 04/01/08 01:40 AM

when i got my 1st suggie i had only him for less than a month when i realized he needed a friend. he would crab and bark all nite wanting me to play with him. when he got his friend he was so happy. about a year later came across a girl who had to get rid of her suggs. i only wanted one more, but she had a brother and sis pair who i wouldnt split up and a single who was raised with the sibs. i didnt have the heart to break up the trio so i took them all. about 6 months later a friend knew someone who said her 2 females smelled too bad so she was giving them away. i worried about who would take them so i got them. a good cage cleaning and a warm wipe down for the girls and the smell was gone. so i now have 7 suggs whom i love very much and would never trade them for anything. and if i ever happened upon more gliders who needed help i would take them in without a second thought.
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Re: Question for those with only 1 glider - 04/01/08 01:44 AM

I started with I have 12 jump
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Re: Question for those with only 1 glider - 04/01/08 02:28 AM

I started with one a month and a half ago... now I don't even know how many I have lol no I have 4 and two halves (twins in pouch)
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Re: Question for those with only 1 glider - 04/01/08 05:14 AM

I started out with a single. I always had the intention of having 2, but when I tried to get him a friend, all he would do is call for me when I was away from him, and stay on me when I was around. He liked the other guy well enough, but was very happy with me. (Unfortunately, the 2nd glider I got had apparently fallen when he was a joey - before I got him, and because it was never noticed/treated, his internal organs didn't grow correctly, so he died in just a few weeks).

And, devastating to me, my first glider died because I trusted the wrong person to take care of him while I was on vacation (I had a little girl lined up to be his new friend, but he never got to meet Kira). cry

When I decided to keep Kira and Dakota's first joey, Pascal, I kept him as a single for a little over a year. We looked at females, but they never seemed to get along, not how I thought they should anyway (and no I didn't keep them for days or months, but had this feeling that it should a be love at first sight thing, and with Lili it pretty much was heart ). ANYWAY...with Pascal as a single, I have to admit it was a wonderful relationship and he would call me at night to come and sleep with me (during his 'rest' time). And was with me all during the day.

And now...I have a single because she cannot be introduced to my other gliders right now as a glider in each cage has had a Giardia recurrence. shakehead She is so small and was so sick when we had the first outbreak that I will not put her at risk. That said, I have every intention of her being in one of the cages eventually...but it will still be a while to be sure the Giardia is gone. And she spends nearly every day for 11-12 hours with me and when she calls, she calls to me, not to the other gliders.

I always told people that it is ok to have a single for a while because it is a special relationship, BUT you have to spend all of your time with them and have tent time with them daily, etc., etc., etc. And, to always have the intention of getting a glider, if for no other reason than the fact that things change in your life (illness, work, family, etc.) and if you don't feel you 'have the time for them' sometimes, they will always have each other. I have seen it so many times that people loose interest or thier lives change, I always felt better about joeys I had sold knowing they had each other no matter what.
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Re: Question for those with only 1 glider - 04/01/08 11:39 AM

I had always planned on having multiple gliders, but my first rehome was a single glider. It took a month until I found my other two (a pair), and then they were kept separate until after the quarantine (for a total of two months). Seeing my first glider kept alone for two months (plus the time during introductions) has made me a firm believer that no glider should be purposely kept solo. Don't get me wrong, single gliders survive just fine, but multiple gliders really thrive. thumb
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Re: Question for those with only 1 glider - 04/01/08 07:23 PM

I decided on just Quincy because it had been like 10 years since I had suggies and I didn't want to go overboard or getting involved with too many. Thats when I found GC and re read some things, which was good, I didn't know the bml diet I fed my original 2 had been modified!!

I actually traded one of my snakes for Quincy. The guy had 3 of them and wanted me to take all of them, but I really couldn't. (2 un-neutered males, one female) I had no idea if they were related (he wasn't "sure" he said) and I didn't have any spare cages to separate them. Which would have been a "had to" situation. I am nowhere near ready to have joeys all over the place lol. So, I played with all 3 and decided Quincy was the one. A) he didn't bite the heck out of me like the other male did! And B) he jumped right on me, into the pouch and out again!!

He stayed on my a long time, just exploring and playing.

Like I said, I didn't want to get in over my head with too many suggies, so that's why I decided on one. I think I am going to start looking for a cage buddy soon. Once I get another, larger cage. I'd like all my ducks in a row before I start looking for another one. And whether I want another rescue or not. Quincy really took to me well with very little fussing, crabbing and attitude. I was lucky LOL. Too bad they can't all be like that in their new homes!
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