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Cycles.... - 01/02/20 07:14 PM

At what age exactly do female gliders start their cycles?

When I watch our girls having their TSK-ing matches I sometimes wonder if one (or both) are on their cycles. dunno

I was just double checking their OOP dates. I have Astrid's for sure and I am asking for Tika's OOP date. Seems they are a little older than I thought. They are 6 months OOP. :wt: :wt:

What types of behaviors should I be on the lookout for to help determine if one is on her cycle?

Thank you again for being here for me. :lshower:
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Re: Cycles.... - 01/02/20 08:39 PM

Quick follow up on their ages... they both came OOP together at the same time.
So they are both 6 months old. No wonder they are so connected. Tika is always making sure she knows where Astrid is... at all times. mlove
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Re: Cycles.... - 01/02/20 09:39 PM

My girls had their first cycles at almost five months OOP. I only know because while my boys are neutered they did not realize it for a bit and would compete for who got first dibs and then would take turns. I took one of the girls out once as she was fleeing both of them because they kept pulling her around and she needed a break. Now that the boys are calmer it is harder to tell when they are in heat but I have my suspicions when the girls get bitey or there is a lot of hissing in the pouch in the evening before they get up.
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Re: Cycles.... - 01/02/20 10:42 PM

I would say they start their heat cycles anywhere from 14 weeks and older. That is why it is important to wean the girls from their daddy's.
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