Posted By: New_Guy

Dominance - 04/15/16 04:28 AM

Well it seems that one of three girls has decided to tell the other whose boss tonight during play time. Marina, the alpha apparently, took every opportunity to crawl onto JoJo's back. I was fine with it until they crawled on my arm and JoJo gave me this look of, "please stop her pee tree thingy," I just assume that's what they refer to me as. Anyways I broke them up though it didn't look like Marina was hurting her, but she seemed so grateful. I don't know if I did the right thing or not frown I know they're playing dominant in the pouch as I type this because they're unusually vocal right now. Should I just let it go?

P.s. sorry about format I'm typing this out on my phone.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Dominance - 04/15/16 12:10 PM

Mine do this too sometimes. When Fiona has had enough, she either kicks Dot out of the pouch or moves to another pouch. I keep 3 pouches in the cage so they can sleep where/how they like.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Dominance - 04/16/16 12:27 AM

One of them could be in heat right now and that is why your seeing a bit more of that type of behavior.
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Re: Dominance - 04/16/16 06:51 AM

Well I appreciate the responsesupport. It's quite possible one is in heat. I am unsure of their age but I'm assuming they're getting close to a year. I'm pretty sure it's the first time either has gone into heat too.

Anyways tonight seems calmer smile
Posted By: baxxie

Re: Dominance - 04/28/16 01:05 AM

As they get older, one can demonstrate dominance and it can get bad, to the point where the dominant one will kill the submissive one.. Although, my girls get in tiffs quite often.. usually just hissing and an occasional angry crab sound with the hissing.. but neither has actually hurt the other yet.. basically just them [censored] at each other.. As long as there is no actual fighting I wouldn't stress about it. Do keep an eye on things if it gets loud and you're noticing one is getting repeatedly kicked out of the pouch.

Have they all been together since joeys or have they recently been introduced?
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