New to Sugar Gliders!

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New to Sugar Gliders! - 06/03/19 05:39 PM

Hi everyone! My wife and I just adopted our first Glider yesterday, and we are drinking from the fire hydrant. Any advice on how to prioritize what to learn first, what to focus on, etc, is more than welcome!

Our glider is a 12 wk old boy named Jack (after Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who - Yes, I am a geek..) and his coloring is mosaic.

Thank you in advance for any help!!

Description: Captain Jack
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Re: New to Sugar Gliders! - 06/04/19 12:33 AM


We are here to answer your questions. Try to place them in the forum that corresponds closely to what your topic is about.

You have a cutie!
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Re: New to Sugar Gliders! - 06/04/19 01:12 AM

:welcome2: GC!!!

I love those ears!!!!

The top priorities should be:

A good diet

A safe cage big enough for your glider (and a future friend or two! Lol!)

A glider safe wheels

Safe environment, toys, sleeping pouches, and last but not least, bonding....

Any word you see in blue you can click on and it will take you to more info on that topic...
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Re: New to Sugar Gliders! - 06/04/19 12:00 PM

Thank you! We love our little guy!

One question: Our breeder was a male. W feel that maybe because of that he is more attached to me than to my wife. Is that possible? He will sit on my shoulder forever, but he will jump off her shoulder within minutes. He also already tried to bite her twice when transferring him to and from the cage, and he never even tried to bite me.

I work, so it is her pet. What can we do to help them bond?
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Re: New to Sugar Gliders! - 06/04/19 01:32 PM


Just too cute, and I know you are having so much fun. But it can be a little overwhelming at first wink

You didn't mention who you got them from so is it possible your male had more interactions from a male human before you got him? Maybe that could account for him leaning more to you than your wife dunno Then again, sometimes they just like one human more than another for no reason we can figure out Probably the more time your wife is around him, the more he will warm up to her.

It has only been a couple of days so that isn't much time at all.
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Re: New to Sugar Gliders! - 06/04/19 03:03 PM

Thank you for the warm welcome from all!

We got our glider from SugarGlidersRUs. I have no idea if that is a reputable breeder or not, but they sure seemed very knowledgeable, and all of the information they shared aligned with what we had researched in advance. He also asked us questions about our environment, and did not seem to be in a rush to make a sale, and happy to just educate the folks walking by on sugar gliders.
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Re: New to Sugar Gliders! - 06/04/19 03:56 PM

So our first Glidersrs we're girls. We got a neutered male(Joey) a year ago.

Before i go on, mini backstory... Our first glider was a impulse purchase. But hubby wanted a small critter of some sort for years before. He would stop the truck and chase baby chipmunks... So I talked him in to a sugar glider. I clean, feed, clip nails, sew their pouches and make their toys... The girls loved us both but Dot was more attached to hubby. Fiona didn't care who had her. Then Stewie came along... We picked him up from Feather just a day after his neuter... After his neuter, get got to his insision. He was in a e-jacket and not happy. He was also taken away from all he knew at the same time. Hubby didn't handle him much at first because Stewie was mad at the world, scared, and had to have the e-jacket on for 2 weeks... All Stewie associates with me is e-jacket, 2 baths, and nail clipping. Hubby played with him.

Fast forward... I'm still the keeper of the colony, and hubby is the playtime dad... He's also the treat giver... After I give treats...

So hubby and I are contractors and basically attached at the hip 24/7. The relationship we have with the gliders is 50/50. But I'm the bad guy and he's the good guy... We are both bonded with all three. But if Dot and Stewie had to choose, they would rather play with hubby. Fiona is my bra baby. She just wants cuddles. Each of our gliders have a different personality.

So I just re read about the breeder being a male you got him from. So I basically just told you our story... I'm leaving it in my response, well just to tell a story I guess...

I don't know who Fiona's breeder was. Dot had a female breeder. Stewie came from Feather. She not only breeds gliders, she is a rescue/sanctuary for gliders. So, it's possible your glider relates to you that way.

I would try putting blankies 4x4 inch squares cut up of fleece with only your wife's scent on them and tuck them in to his sleeping pouch. She can rub the blankies on here arms, neck forehead, or put them in with clothing that she's worn. It will help imprint her scent while he sleeps.

You may need to back up and let only her handle him for a few weeks. Your scent is in your home, he can smell you from a distance. But if she wants to bond with him, her scent must be more prominent. I hope this makes sense.

Please keep us posted and ask any questions you may have.
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Re: New to Sugar Gliders! - 06/04/19 04:42 PM

Thank you so much for sharing your story! It is great to have more experienced glider parents to talk to!!
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