Bloated gliders

Posted By: Anonymous

Bloated gliders - 06/02/19 03:27 AM

My gliders are both very bloated, they have been able to poop. I believe that it might be happening because I gave them each their own cutie slice instead of cutting one in half. I just really need to know if they are in danger. This bloating happened just hours ago which is why I believe it is due to the orange, any advice is helpful.
Posted By: Xeno

Re: Bloated gliders - 06/02/19 06:42 AM

Have you felt their stomachs? Is it something hard? Were the cuties seedless?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Bloated gliders - 06/02/19 12:26 PM

Cuties are seedless, and their stomachs are firm but definitely not hard. Also, it has already gone down a little in both of them.
Posted By: Xeno

Re: Bloated gliders - 06/02/19 01:05 PM

I would just watch them then unless their behavior is also abnormal.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Bloated gliders - 06/02/19 01:29 PM

I'm not sure the little cutie/orange slice would have caused the exact same reaction in both, but I suppose it is possible.

What else are you feeding/diet?

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Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Bloated gliders - 07/02/19 12:07 AM

Take them to the vet! There is really nothing to be done over the internet. They need to be seen by a doctor. Any illness in these small babies can take a turn for the worst very quickly. They are probably uncomfortable if they have bloated tummies and the doctor can give them something to relieve their discomfort.
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